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OPINION: Let’s talk about what happened with Buknoy Glamurrr

OPINION: Let’s talk about what happened with Buknoy Glamurrr

We all know who Buknoy Glamurrr is… or was. He was a content creator who we all found on Tiktok. He would get himself into hot water for expressing controversial opinions regarding servile jobs or for arguing with an already-established Filipino celebrity. Putting that aside, let’s talk about what happened or what is currently happening with Buknoy.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the writer of this article don’t necessarily represent those of the rest of Village Pipol Magazine.

Buknoy’s transformation

I was a fan of Buknoy when he used to be genuinely funny and playful with his Tiktok videos. However, after a while, he lost his touch. I may not be a fan anymore but this transformation remains very alarming. For some reason, ever since he became a talent under certain management, he had a major transformation — from a feminine to a very masculine look.

To be honest, it’s heartbreaking.

The ‘management’ that he currently has started changing his whole personality. In a Tiktok video of Buknoy getting his haircut, he can be seen crying about how he didn’t like it. Then, a voice comes from behind the camera saying, “Okay lang ‘yan. Diba, at least pinakita mo na sumusunod ka sa mga nakakatanda sa’yo.”

Some toxic boomers lost their minds a long time ago. Now, they try to find a way to poison the minds of younger generations. Sure, Buknoy could have said no. But, he’s still a seventeen-year-old kid. Sure, it could have been a marketing tactic to erase the controversial scandals that he was involved in. But, again… Buknoy is just a kid.


Erasure of Buknoy’s LGBT+ identity and orientation?

Controlling management aside, let me add fire to the flame that this management may see Buknoy’s gayness or queerness as a sign of his problematic trait. Sure, he needed an attitude adjustment but that doesn’t have anything to do with his looks and his orientation. Buknoy being masculine doesn’t magically make him decent or appropriate.

Isn’t this just another way to poison the kid’s mind with internal homophobia, transphobia, or possibly, even femme shaming? 

Little known fact: The world is nicer to conventionally good-looking masculine gays. Maybe, this was a way for Buknoy Glamurrr —an obvious femme — to transform himself to be more accepted. Still, equating his haircut or new fashion sense with his identity and orientation doesn’t ensure the respectability that supposedly comes with it.

Hopefully, I am wrong in all these assumptions but if I’m not, I wish he could get out of the situation as soon as he can. All in all, the transformation remains very distressing to many netizens who express their concern towards Buknoy.

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