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An explosion of stars and colors — VP/Covers that made up our 2021

An explosion of stars and colors — VP/Covers that made up our 2021

There is no denying that the past year has been tough for all of us. We have conquered some of the wildest things we could never even imagine. However, if we look at the silver lining, it definitely made us stronger and, somehow, even managed to give us some of the most beautiful memories.

Village Pipol Magazine’s 2021 was indeed a year of challenges, but it is also a revolution of the liveliest colors and the brightest stars.

Personalities we have worked with gave us some of not only dazzling visuals but also the most valuable lessons. They have shared stories that we can apply to the most important aspects of our lives.

Get ready to be graced with the presence of these beauties. Here is a collection of all the VP/Covers that made last year worthwhile.


The introductory year of 2021 brought us Netflix‘s thriller Sweet Home and Miss Gritty, Riva Quenery.


In the month of February, we fell in love with Thailand’s Boys’ Love actor, Chanakan ‘Boss’ Poonsiriwong and the new breed fantasy, Teejay Marquez.


In March, the social media star turned self-made CEO Sachzna Laparan carried the whole month on her shoulders, empowering all the women who have read the issue.



Kid Yambao wanted to break the gender norms in his April cover, redefining the idea of sexy.



May gave us the iconic songstress Jessa Zaragoza and her beautiful daughter Jayda Avanzado. Joining them for the second issue is the amelioration Angelina Cruz.


We celebrated the month of liberation and pride with some of the most colorful moments. LGBTQIA+ icon Awra Briguela blessed us with her queenly beauty.


Since the rally and celebration of pride will never be over, in July, Avon released the inclusive line of underwear, Limitless Collection. We also featured the Boys’ Love actors Kokoy de Santos and Elijah Canlas.


For the month of August, Sam Pinto shared with us her beautiful journey to enigmatic motherhood.

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In September, Faye Lorenzo gets vulnerable with us as she uncovers the story of her dreams coming true.



The month of fright gave comfort to us instead with the thrilling talent of Kimpy Feliciano.



Yet again, in November, we have featured the actors of Boys’ Love series, Love at the End of the World.


Last but not the least, authenticity reigns supreme as the love team of Kyline Alcantara and Mavy Legaspi graced our covers,

Kyline Mavy

Indeed, 2021 has given us the best of these of rising stars. Stay tuned for an even more shiny roster of celebrities this new year. Let’s start 2022 with a bang!

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