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Life Four Cuts: Print Memories with Your Favorite K-pop Idols

Life Four Cuts: Print Memories with Your Favorite K-pop Idols

We take photos to capture memories for the future. Hence, when we attend concerts, fan meetings, and music festivals featuring our favorite K-Pop idols, we invest in a high-quality phone or camera. But as much as we’d like to take a photo or a selfie with them, the circumstances don’t allow it. That’s why Life Four Cuts is here for you—to make your delulu moments print into reality. 

Life Four Cuts is a photo studio that originated in South Korea, where photo booths are popular and can be seen in every corner. Not to mention that their photo booths are cute, unique, and on the next level. Nonetheless, they bring Life Four Cuts here in the Philippines to make you experience what it is like in a premium K-photo studio.

What to expect at Life Four Cuts?

Inside of Life Four Cuts Studio Stores
Life Four Cuts/Facebook

When you visit one of their stores, you can see a few photobooth rooms, where the magic happens. Here, you can choose if you want a four-cut film strip or multiple ones, but the four-cut frame is the most used among visitors. There are even various accessories you can choose from that you can use as props! It includes shades, wigs, headbands, and many more to add fun and style to your photos.

Plus, you can customize the frame and apply filters to your photos, as you please. The digital version includes a video that goes along with your photos, making it a worthwhile experience. You can now share the behind-the-scenes from your photo booth pics!

But there’s another feature that K-pop fans are going to enjoy about this certain photobooth: it has frames featuring various K-pop idols. Isn’t it one of the best things that exists? 

Photo Frames with your favorite idols

Life Four Cuts/Facebook

Even though the idols are fixed and still, and the frames and poses are the same with everyone who tries it, it is still a kilig moment to look back to. You can even pose as if you guys are having a date or hanging out. After the photos are printed, your kilig might never fade because, finally, you got a photo with them, even in this kind of setup. 

But surely, that will be a photo you can keep as a keepsake. Aside from your photo with them, the plus one strip that is typically the same as the first one is different. It contains a full picture of your idol of choice. 

What frames are currently available?

RIIZE and ZERPBASEONE photo frames in Life Four Cuts
Life Four Cuts/Facebook

The frames with K-pop idols run for a limited time only. They usually release a new set of frames when an idol or K-pop group makes a comeback, holds a concert, or celebrates another occasion. Don’t worry, because they will announce it on their official accounts regarding the duration of each photo event. And sometimes, they even extend the dates!

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Cora and Cecilia

Life Four Cuts/Facebook

The most recent idol frames to arrive in Life4cuts are from RIIZE for their RIIZING Day Fan-Con Tour. ZEROBASEONE frames are also available, to go along with their mini album ‘You had me at HELLO’. Along with Treasures with frames and four-cut photo frames, both from their 2024 Welcome Collection. 

Life Four Cuts/Facebook

The list doesn’t end there! You can also capture beautiful and exciting memories with photo frames featuring ZICO, fromis_9, and BOYNEXTDOOR! MOAs, you can also do it too! They still have the frames of Tomorrow X Together for their 6th Mini Album ‘Minisode 3: Tomorrow’. And are you still not over Seventeen’s Follow Concert in Bulacan? Then pose with the members as the frames are extended! 

If you’re not a fan of K-pop, you can still choose from a variety of frames. They have Bellygom, Spring Pink Tulip, and Spring Colors frames to try for your next photobooth, whether you’re alone, with friends, or with your significant other. 

At this point, Life Four Cuts has over 70 branches throughout the Philippines. So, go to your nearest Life4cuts location and print memories with your favorite idol! 

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