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Paw It Forward: Buy 1 For A Change, Get 1 For A Cause

Paw It Forward: Buy 1 For A Change, Get 1 For A Cause

“Be the change you want to see the world.”

For Darrel, 34, and an IT by profession, the change he wanted to see started for his love for our fur friends. Based in Cavite, he established ‘Paw It Forward’, an online store for bracelets and necklaces dedicated to helping stray dogs and cats through the profit they make.

“Paw It Forward’s Mission is to help all stray animals in need and to feed them as much as we can.”

Darrel, Paw It Forward

Their initiative began in June 2023 with a clear inspiration: the various animal shelters in their local area and the numerous fur parents asking for financial support that they often encounter on social media. Thus, the founders started to collectively come up with a plan to establish an organization dedicated to making a difference. Their vision goes beyond helping stray animals on the streets, as they commit to supporting the shelters that provide refuge to countless abandoned dogs and cats.

Driven by making a positive change, they aimed to shed awareness to the different circumstances that many stray animals go through.

“We saw many shelters in our area also on [F]acebook, asking for monetary donations. [T]hen we came up with a plan to have this kind of organization.”

Darrel, Paw It Forward

Accessories for a Cause

To remind customers that they can help in the smallest way, the owners of Paw It Forward made sure that their selling point was recognizable.

They decided to focus on accessories as their main product because the online store wanted customers to incorporate them into their daily attire. The main goal was for these accessories to serve as a constant and daily reminder that even the smallest gestures can contribute to helping stray animals.

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As of writing, Paw It Forward has donated thousands to different animal organizations, including MBY Pet Rescue, S.A.N.A, God Sanctuary, and Strays Worth Saving. According to their Facebook posts, they have also successfully donated pet food to these organizations. The online store is also open to helping individuals who reach out to them for stray cats and dogs in need. Even struggling pet owners who have fur babies that are in critical medical conditions can get in touch with them through their Facebook page.

The owners are optimistic about one thing: us, Filipinos, would reach a point when we are all aware of how our fur friends need us in order for them to live happily.

After all, the best way to spark change is to choose a cause that is closest to our hearts.

Visit and order at Paw It Forward’s Facebook page here.

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