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Cats On Stairs: Cats That Are Sure To Brighten Up Your Day

Cats On Stairs: Cats That Are Sure To Brighten Up Your Day

Cats On Stairs: Cats That Are Sure To Brighten Up Your Day

A photo posted by a fur mom from Navotas, Niña Angelica Llaneta, showing her cute cats scattered down the stairs, has gone viral. She humorously captioned the post, adding to its popularity. The post gained 3.9k reactions, 300 comments, and 163 shares as of now.

Cats On Stairs: Cats That Are Sure To Brighten Up Your Day

Llaneta shared a picture of her cats scattered, humorously adding that she’ll just fly down for her to get through. Netizens in the group joined in on the joke telling her that she should be the one adjusting, adding to the fun.

Truly, these Persian kitties looked cozy, as if they were the ones in charge. Their natural charm, humor, and unique way of communicating make us love our little furry babies even more!

Speaking of ‘more’, here are more of her cats to brighten up your day!

Our featured fur momma also bakes cakes. And, imagine having kittens around while you’re baking; it looks fun and it can be quite messy! Take a look at these kittens who got scolded by their meowmy.

Photo from Niña Angelica Llaneta

She told me during the interview that her kittens once accidentally tipped over her red food coloring. They ran through it, leaving red paw prints on her floors. She then tried reprimanding the new cats that what they did wasn’t nice. Moreover, the funny part was how guilty the kittens looked afterward!

If humans and animals have one thing in common, it’s the love for food! I mean, who can say no to a good meal? Look at her cats peeking at her dinner. She can’t help but notice her fur babies and laugh it off.

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Having many cats is like having kids with different personalities—and Llaneta can certainly relate to that. Look at more of her kitties, some appear moody while others are just downright goofy!

Inside her home, there’s a variety of cats. One feline is a fashionist, embracing the trend of wearing duckling clips. Another is moody, while another always seems to have a resting grumpy face. Regardless of their personalities, she surely showers them with love, ensuring they’re well-fed while juggling her roles as a mom and a baker!

Having pets is truly blissful, as they offer happiness that helps alleviate the stress of the world. Their antics and moments never fail to bring us joy. As fur parents, it’s a delight to care for them, knowing they’re only with us for a chapter, while we’re in their whole book. Let’s cherish and embrace their presence, even if some cats aren’t the cuddly type!
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