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A Gentle Reminder: Why It’s Okay To Defy Beauty Standards

A Gentle Reminder: Why It’s Okay To Defy Beauty Standards

A Gentle Reminder: Why It's Okay To Defy Beauty Standards

Have you ever felt insecure but couldn’t do anything about it at the moment? Often, this feeling stems from society’s pressure to conform to its beauty standards. According to a study from the University of Washington, 88% of girls feel that social media exerts significant pressure on them to conform to subjective ideals of beauty. So, you’re not alone whenever you feel this way.

In today’s social media-driven world, many of us find it challenging to love our bodies. Some famous people and influencers in social media can worsen this by setting unrealistic standards, leading people to compare themselves. However, did you know that you can resist this pressure, even though it might feel difficult?

Defying the Society’s Beauty Standards Could Be Your Strength

First of all, I want everyone to know that we are all built differently. Our genetics and anatomy, which directly influence our appearance, are unique to each of us. This diversity makes sense because it shapes our individual identities.

In relation to that, there’s also a concept of human adaptability (2014) which emphasizes the body’s evolution in response to survival instincts amid environmental stresses. Understanding may shed light on why certain body features exist, as they were once helpful for our ancestors’ survival.

Furthermore, people might know you for your radiant South Sea pearl-like glow, your pearly white skin, or your warm olive complexion. They could admire your luscious curly hair as your defining feature, or they might find your sleek, pin-straight hair beautiful.

Whichever feature you have, you always have the choice to embrace, care for, and flaunt it. As long as your skin and hair are well taken care of, they will always appear beautiful to others—just like those people in the picture. This isn’t limited to hair; it applies to bodies and any bodily feature that society tries to criticize. Therefore, this is a gentle reminder to love the skin you’re in.

A Gentle Reminder: Take Care of Your Body, and It Will Take Care of You The Same Way

As I mentioned, we’re all built differently, and we have no control over our bodily features that may seem unideal to others. We’ve spent years hating our bodies because the world told us our features are unattractive, but we can defy this pressure by embracing and owning them.

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You see when we take care of our bodies, it reacts differently. Every time we moisturize and scrub, it thanks us by becoming smooth, soft, and glowing. Similarly, whenever we treat our hair according to its type, it rewards us with radiant waves and lustrous shine.

The key here is to treat our bodies with the same care and respect that we desire once we perceive them as ‘ideal’. Consider the wonders that may happen when you begin nurturing and enhancing your features now. You may discover that your own body can indeed be ideal— not necessarily by beauty standards, but by your own.

Enhance your features and see its wonders. Explore makeup styles and techniques that complement your face. Tailor your skincare and haircare routines to suit their specific needs. Eventually, you’ll experience the transformative effects of self-care, rather than conforming to society’s standards.

I hold no negative judgments toward those who choose to conform to societal standards if it brings them confidence. Similarly, if they possess the means to alter their appearance, they are entitled to exercise that freedom. However, I wrote this article with the intention of providing people with ideas to find contentment with their bodily features. Regardless of what they possess, individuals can strive to enhance and accentuate their appearance. It’s important to remember that self-love and caring for our bodies are essential for self-acceptance.
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