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VP/Special: Celebrating Inclusivity Beyond Pride!

VP/Special: Celebrating Inclusivity Beyond Pride!

Pride month is a colorful celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community, and if there’s anything that we can pick up from this extravagant and powerful moment, it is that the standards that society has created tend to be restrictive and often make the community members out of place.    

Clothing is usually binary; it’s either just feminine or masculine. This leads those who are in between to struggle with trying to fit into society’s imposed norms. 

VP/Special: Celebrating Inclusivity Beyond Pride!

VP/Special: Celebrating Inclusivity Beyond Pride!

Fashion as a catalyst for social change

The fashion industry has an oft-overlooked ability to shape and change societal norms. It can also adjust perspectives on accepted cultural practices and shift attitudes. 

People occasionally forget that fashion is power. It holds the capability to change the minds of the masses through trends and breaking gender norms. People with influence all across social media have done this and have garnered positive feedback. This gradually alters the perception of many and, hopefully, the majority in the coming years.


Fashion encourages the youth to become more aware and involved. The younger generation nowadays is probably the most to advocate for change in various areas and aspects. One of these is body positivity for the LGBTQIA+. These causes can ignite the spirit of young people to push forth more inclusive fashion. Thus, they exert effort to be heard and protest.

A study from 5W Public Relations’ 2020 Consumer Culture Report revealed that 71% of consumers prefer buying from brands that align with their values. Millennials were proven to buy from companies that share their values even more important. In fact, 83% of this demographic stresses the importance of value alignment. And they exercise that conviction when choosing a brand to purchase products or services from.

What the younger generation needs are a brand that speaks for their values, and most importantly, a brand that cares and understands their needs. One that will make them feel seen and included; a brand that prides itself in activism, aims for progress and change. This is what Avon has been doing through the years. The brand innovates products to cater to a wider range of audiences. This move embraces the idea of inclusivity that leaves out no one.

VP/Special: Celebrating Inclusivity Beyond Pride!

Avon Philippines is one of the distinguished beauty brands in the Philippines. They showcase and release cutting-edge products and high quality. The brand also actively participates in empowering women and giving them opportunities.

Movements that they have started include #LetHerBe which strongly battles microaggressions against women. Meanwhile, #WatchMeNow Gallery aims to show the world how women can inspire one another to be strong and courageous by creating the world’s biggest gallery of stories about women. Equally important, the powerful #SpeakOut Art Collective, focuses on battling against domestic abuse through an art series.

Avon initiates these worthy movements to make the world we’re living in better for everyone else. The brand also wants to give aid to the everyday victims of microaggressions and discrimination and make them feel seen and understood. Change is constant and should always be the goal. But it should always be for the better. And that’s what Avon does and continues to try to do.

Clothes are extensions of our bodies. It helps us explore and express the different sides of our persona. Underwear, specifically, is its most essential and intimate form, and it should be the one that mirrors oneself the most.

Through the NEW Limitless Collection, Avon Philippines wants the members of the LGBTQIA+ community to feel seen, supported, and celebrated by relaying acceptance and inclusivity. 

VP/Special: Celebrating Inclusivity Beyond Pride!

Creating a better world for everyone

Although there has been progressing in terms of acceptance from the general public, the feeling of neglect and isolation among the LGBTQIA+ is still widespread. Avon wants to change that through the power of fashion and clothing.

Anna Garces, the Marketing Director of Avon Philippines talked about how they think the brand can change the society we’re living in through this project.

“We’ve done beauty differently for 135 years, and we are committed to creating a better world for everyone. If we can stretch our support in terms of sizes, breast shapes, and life stages, what’s stopping us from stretching support to be inclusive of gender identity? Avon has been producing high-quality, innovative, and affordable creations for Filipinos and Filipinas for decades. It’s only right to expand our years of expertise on intimates to support the needs of all gender identities and sexual orientations.”

The trans community, especially, feels like they are left out and always misunderstood. Avon wants to change that and by helping them feel included. The Avon Limitless Collection’s #ComeAsYouAre campaign that has been making the rounds on social media welcomes the entire spectrum of LGBTQIA+ with open arms in its celebration of diversity and inclusivity. 

“Underwear is the most essential and intimate piece of clothing, and it should be the one that mirrors oneself the most. We want the members of the LGBTQIA+ community to feel seen, supported, and celebrated through the NEW Limitless Collection and know that they too are limitless, hence the name.”


Fashion brands tend to cater to a limited range of body types.  The Limitless Collection doesn’t want to make anyone feel left out, adds Garces. 

“We believe that every kind of body deserves support that lets them be themselves, each given the chance to afford truly supportive and comfortable underwear. The collection is made with soft-to-touch fabric that stretches and conforms to various body types, perfect for everybody and every gender identity. It includes the Andy Ultra Stretch Support Top that guarantees support for those with or without breasts, and the Andy 2-in-1 Ultra Stretch Boxers give comfort for those with or without an appendage. It is also made with quick-dry material to ensure breathability against humid weather.”


Inclusivity beyond Pride Month

June is the month for the LGBTQIA+ community because this is the month of the Pride revolution. The Stonewall Riots is a historic event way back at the end of June 1969 when the gay community started a series of spontaneous demonstrations in response to a police raid at the Stonewall Inn in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City.

June is an important date to this community because it is the moment they fought back. However, Pride doesn’t stop there. June may end, but Pride will and should never be over. In Avon’s long history of activism, with the Limitless Collection being the latest, they strive to change the improve the world we’re living in.

Marion Limlengco, the Head of PR & Communications at Avon Philippines talked about why they chose to release the Limitless Collection of Pride in July, right after Pride Month.

“Our commitment goes beyond Pride Month. This is a continuation of Avon’s decades-long commitment to social progress and freedom of expression – principles that underpin Avon’s business and brand proposition. We welcome everyone in our community, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Avon is proud to stand for beauty democracy – always inclusive and open to all. We have always stood up for social change, and speaking out for this community will always be a part of this commitment.”

Brands like Avon who notice and actually care for the needs of minorities like the LGBTQIA+ community are important. They have the platform, the voice, and the resources to make a change. These large companies risk their image and reputation to stand for something important and beautiful. They don’t just shut their mouths to please the conservative majority. They use their platform for good. Avon’s Marion shared a message to the minority,

“One of the ways we can show support to the community is through product innovation that’s affordable. Products that help our valued consumers to fully express themselves. Hopefully through this, we can celebrate our differences and challenge the discrimination faced by the LGBTQIA+ community. At Avon, you can come as you are.”


Avon Philippines champions innovation and empowerment

The famed brand not only succeeds in giving the best products, but they also don’t disappoint when it comes to fighting for causes that uplift and empower others. 

When the company was founded 135 years ago, it pioneered relationship marketing. Avon Representatives personally market products to their customers—the original social network. Avon gave women the opportunity to earn before they even had the right to vote.

In the present time, the one-on-one relationship is still at the core of their direct-selling business – defined by high quality and personalized service. They currently support over 5 million independent sales representatives across 68 countries. Each Avon product purchased empowers a Beauty Representative to change her life.

This is a testament that they are a pioneer when it comes to making a change in a society that is ever-growing and in need of innovation. Avon is never afraid to stray away from the norms and protest against unwanted causes. They move forward along with time and push forth meaningful advocacies. That’s what makes up a beautiful brand.

VP/Special: Celebrating Inclusivity Beyond Pride!

Unleash Your Limitless Potential

In this age of ever-growing diversity, we should all the more strive to understand, accept, and promote inclusion. This is why we, the Village Pipol Magazine, have partnered with Avon. As society continues to grow and evolve, it is important to prioritize supporting causes that respect and uplift our fellow human beings.

We should stop putting ourselves into a box. Let us break out of it and gather the courage to face and influence our ever-judging society. Growth can never be achieved if we continue to be afraid and limit ourselves.

All of us have the capacity to change and be the best version of ourselves. We just have to learn to let go and free ourselves from mindsets and expectations that no longer resonate with who we are. You have all the knowledge and tools. Now, unleash your limitless potential!


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