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Angelina Cruz: The Amelioration

Angelina Cruz: The Amelioration

Coming from a clan of famed celebrities can be overwhelming, especially, if you are trying to make a name on your own. Genetically blessed and exposed to the scrutiny of the public, Angelina Cruz was born to shine under the limelight. Now, she has come of age. With an EP under Universal Records and a sitcom with TV 5 under her belt, she has started to come out of her parents’ shadow. Just in case you didn’t know, she’s the firstborn of actress Sunshine Cruz. Doing so has become a tough ask given the caliber of her parent’s accomplishments. However, Angelina has learned to embrace reality and see it as a challenge.

Angelina Cruz

“At first, there was so much pressure but I’m looking at it in a glass-half-full since it’s a huge opportunity. My mom used to tell me that I need to love and be passionate about my work since I’m replaceable. A lot of girls would like to be in our shoes and I always go back to those wise words for me not to be complacent.”

Angelina has a very chic aura and refined aesthetics. The looks have been clearly passed down to her. According to her, she needs to focus on honing her craft and be the best at what she does. Following in the footsteps can be daunting and it can easily get to you. However, she took that as a privilege. Having said that, it can be a double-edged sword as too many expectations can be hurled at her. As she ventures on her own, she seems ready for what lies ahead and is so much poised for great things and stardom.

On creating music

The Cruz’s are accomplished singers. Who can forget the time when Donna, Geneva, and Sunshine were all dominating the music scene? Angelina acquired their talent too. She hummed a few lines from her fave musical while being glammed up. And, that angelic voice soothed our harsh and scorching afternoon cover shoot into a calming vibe. During the shoot, the team stilled for a moment. And, we definitely cannot believe it as we absorbed her musicality.

Surely she can be a siren in the making. But, as for now, she said that she has her focus on acting. Harnessing her acting and getting well-versed in speaking in Filipino remained her main goal. To be honest, she can be a radiant spark between colliding worlds – music and acting. Having witnessed breakthrough careers, I can sense that a very lucrative career in the music scene is on the horizon.

On balancing work and studies amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Angelina might be doing a lot in her career. But, her studies should not take a back seat. It has become her top priority. According to her, her mom always reminded her to focus on her studies. So, she has something to go back to.

“My mom is very protective of me, always giving me pieces of advice that I should consider and it seems to be working.”

With simultaneous deadlines, students often feel burnt out – especially in this pandemic. When asked about how she manages her work and studies, she said,

“It’s about knowing how to prioritize. Time management is the key. I always have to make sure that my studies will not suffer due to my schedule. I always make sure to set my priorities straight since the most important for me is to graduate first and have a degree.”

Of course, she feels tired, too. So, she needs to make sure to take a break and relieve stress.

“It’s very important for mental health to detox so you can go back refreshed and a little more relaxed. With so many things on my plate, I make sure that I do a mental reset once in a while.”

On bullying

Being a public figure meant all eyes drift towards you. The actions you do and the photos you post will be criticized under a magnifying glass and will remain under public scrutiny.

I had my fair share of bullying and that happened during my first year. Somebody submitted a blind item in the freedom wall in DLSU and I had a bad feeling it was about me since a lot of the comments mentioned me and the brand I endorse. The note said that I was a freeloader and I wasn’t. I was shocked coz I’m very hardworking and I’m not the type to be a freeloader. I got affected coz they were mocking me already. The people who loved me said that I shouldn’t let it affect me since I know myself more. A lot of people can criticize you even if they don’t know you.”

“So my advice is if you’re being bullied is to talk about it with someone. Surround yourself with people who treat you nicely and always think that what matters most are the opinions of the people that we love and how do you perceive yourself.”

The next big thing.

As I have seen her in action, she definitely shows how she takes things seriously – with the right amount of fun. The wondrous genes do not become the ace on her sleeve. She has remained laser-focused and continued to make sure that she remained in her element. Every action I’ve seen speaks volumes about her character and dedication. Her career trajectory seems to be trending upward. It’s close to a narrative of the most successful celebrities we have. Whether to become a famous singer, an award-winning actress or to start a lifestyle brand, only time will tell. But, the future definitely shines brightly upon her.

As she becomes more of herself, let’s watch the rise of Angelina Cruz, her amelioration. Not as a legacy, but as her own.

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