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Beko Launches New Appliances to Improve Filipino Homes

Beko Launches New Appliances to Improve Filipino Homes

Filipino homes would not be complete without a hearty meal and a side of warm conversations, and Beko surely knows this fact. On May 9, Beko and Hitachi unveiled their new line of innovative home appliances to power the homes of Filipino families.

A brand that powers your homes

Hailed as one of the top three large home appliances brands in Europe, Beko operates with 12 brands to power each home worldwide. The brand remains committed to its environmental-friendly mission by manufacturing energy-efficient products and investing in resource efficiency.

“Filipino households are at the heart of everything we do, and we understand the importance of a well-equipped kitchen in creating memorable dining experiences.”

– Mr. Arel Atakol, Regional Managing Director for Asia Pacific

As Beko expands and becomes available in appliance stores nationwide, they promise to improve the living of each Filipino family. Filipino households can now get a hold of their new line of products that are of premium quality. 

Beko’s new range of cookers

In a mission to redefine the cooking experience for Filipino families, Beko introduced their new range of cookers. Promising a seamless blend of style, performance, and functionality, the brand infused the culinary prowess of European lifestyle. 

“With our new cooking series, we aim to empower Filipino families to embrace their culinary passion, unleash their creativity, and savor every moment shared around the dining table.”

– Mr. Arel Atakol, Regional Managing Director for Asia Pacific

Beko’s new range of cookers offers intuitive controls, durable construction, and ergonomic details designed to simplify and enhance the cooking process. From precision temperature control to easy-to-clean surfaces, their cookers promise to provide every Filipino family a fresh and enjoyable meal

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Hitachi’s life-centric technology from Japan

Hitachi had a lot in store with their new refrigerators and washing machines during the “Powering Your Home: Back-to-Back Launch.” Hitachi’s appliances power through breakthrough energy-saving technology which are inspired and made in Japan.

Their multi-door premium refrigerator freezer features automatic  door and drawers and energy-saving performance and low noise operation. Hitachi also boasts their vacuum compartment which stores and maintains the freshness of every family’s food. You don’t have to worry about spoiled food again with Hitachi’s new refrigerators! 

Always for the Filipino families

Since Beko was established, the brand promises that every consumer will get more value for their money. Beko remains dedicated to letting every Filipino family share unforgettable moments and create lasting memories while using their home appliances. 

With Beko, you get more than what you pay for. Visit their website now and check out their family-centric and environmental-friendly deals!

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