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Beauty Tip: How to Properly Conceal The Appearance of Eyebags

Beauty Tip: How to Properly Conceal The Appearance of Eyebags

Beauty Tip: How to Properly Conceal The Apperance of Eyebags

Are you also someone who struggles with concealing the appearance of eye bags? Well, I’ve had these under-eye bags for years now, and they can make a person look tired – trust me, I’ve been there too.

After years of trying out makeup techniques that work, it hit me that I cannot remove these with makeup alone. It can only lessen their appearance. If that’s what you’re after, I can tell you what I do to lessen mine.

Beauty Tip: How to Properly Conceal The Appearance of Eyebags

Of course, some might think that we can lessen its appearance by applying a lot of concealer under the eyes. WRONG! Doing this can actually worsen it and make it look cakey.

Nobody wants their makeup to look cakey or creased, right? As mentioned in my previous beauty tips, I’ve experimented with various techniques to find what works best for me. One effective method is color-correcting dark circles.

Apply an orange or red color corrector on your under-eyes

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If you don’t have a color corrector, that’s okay. You can even use lipstick or clay-textured makeup as an alternative. Furthermore, color correction is key here to neutralize our dark circles’ blue/purple hues before applying concealer, ensuring a seamless and natural look. Applying only concealer without color correction can result in an ashy, unnatural appearance.

To begin, blend your color-correcting product towards the edges of your cheeks. Pay particular attention to areas around the eyes that require additional correction. Moreover, you can use your finger to provide greater control over the blending process. Doing this beforehand gives you a more natural look after applying concealer.

The next step is to apply an AMPLE amount of concealer

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As I said before, you don’t need to apply too much product as it can cause creasing. And no, we won’t do the triangle method to cover our dark eyebags. Instead, I apply a small amount to the inner corner of my eyes, extending it slightly where the pigment ends to cover my dark circles.

Using a small amount of product is also ideal, especially considering our country’s weather. Excessive product application can feel heavy on the skin and may even cause makeup to melt.

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For application, you can use your finger, a brush, or a small makeup sponge for precision. Blend the concealer until it seamlessly melds with your skin. Choose a shade two tones lighter than your natural skin tone for best results.

You cannot let your concealer melt due to the hot weather, set it in place

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After applying clay and liquid products, I prefer to start by setting mine with my favorite setting spray before applying a bit of powder. However, whatever setting technique works best for you, go ahead and use it.

I avoid baking my makeup as excessive powder can lead to creasing, which we definitely want to avoid. Instead, I suggest setting your concealer by lightly dusting on some of your favorite pressed or translucent powder using a fluffy brush. This can also mattify your look which can make it appear flawless.

There are various factors contributing to dark eyebags, and makeup can’t completely eliminate them. However, these methods can help lessen their appearance. Keep in mind that puffiness may still be visible when you smile, but the goal is to lighten their appearance. Our eyes are a key focal point in makeup, and enhancing their appearance can elevate the entire look, making us appear more refreshed.
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