Check This Out: Top TikTok Makeup Challenges of 2024

Top TikTok Makeup Challenges of 2024

When we talk about makeup, I can’t help but admire the creativity involved in its application. Moreover, perfecting the techniques for personal use requires skill. It also takes creativity to replicate a specific makeup look. People often turn this into a fun trend/makeup challenge, which excites us, the viewers, as we watch people’s entries!

In this article, let’s take a look at the current TikTok Makeup Challenges that have wowed the Internet in 2024.

Here are the Top TikTok Makeup Challenges That Graced the Internet this 2024

This May, we’ve seen several makeup looks that have trended on the internet over the past four months. Watching everyone replicate, personalize, and assert their uniqueness in each entry never fails to amaze me. Moreover, the quality of their content makes these challenges truly watch-worthy!

1. Alice Pagani-inspired Makeup

Replicated Alice Pagani‘s makeup from TikTok

This makeup trend was inspired by the portrait of an Italian actress, Alice Pagani (on the left). It stands out as one of the most beautiful makeup trends I’ve encountered so far. Moreover, it also looks great on Asian features, especially when incorporating the iconic under-eye technique from Douyin makeup.

This look showcases pale makeup with muted accents on the eyes and lips, drawing attention to the person’s eyes. It looked dainty and feminine, and it somehow exuded a ‘vintage’ vibe with its neutral colors and photography.

2. 2000s Makeup

2000s Makeup | Britney Spears & Sela Guia (on TikTok)

Moving on from the muted colors, this makeup style incorporates vibrant touches. Think blue eyeshadow, thin brows, neutral and shiny lips. And, of course, we cannot forget the Y2K outfits that are sure to take you down to the memory lane of the 2000s!

For me, ABS-CBN’s host and singer, Sela Guia, executed this makeup trend exceptionally well. Moreover, this look complements her Asian features perfectly. She truly resembled a star from the 2000s—absolutely beautiful!

3. Asoka Makeup Challenge

Asoka Makeup | Kareena Kapoor and Jharna Bhagwani (from TikTok)

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty of Middle Eastern culture, with its flamboyant hennas and makeup. Additionally, the Asoka makeup challenge originated from Kareena Kapoor‘s 2001 film, ‘Asoka.’ This inspired makeup influencers like Jharna Bhagwani to recreate its iconic look for the trend.

Furthermore, this makeup transition trend combines elements of Kapoor‘s look from the film with traditional Indian bridal makeup. It is accompanied by the film’s music, ‘San Sanana.’

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4. Indian Bridal Makeup Look

Indian Bridal Makeup Look | Rayna Jewelry Boutique on Inspiration and Lenie Aycardo (on TikTok)

In connection to the Asoka makeup trend, this look was also featured in the makeup challenge using the same song mentioned above. Furthermore, many makeup artists like Lenie Aycardo, Fujicko, Jharna, and many more have participated in it.

Makeup enthusiasts have been captivated by this challenge because, unlike the Asoka makeup, Indian bridal makeup features a bolder look. It mostly accentuates the eyes, complemented by flamboyant accessories and vibrant-colored Indian gowns.

5. ‘Hello Tom’ Makeup Look

Toodles from the show ‘Tom and Jerry‘ replicated by Jang Makeup (from TikTok)

Lastly, this makeup look, for me is creative because it was derived from a cartoon cat, Toodles! Unlike the initial four makeup trends, this one transformed the feline appearance into a human-like one.

This trend incorporates pearly white, purple-blue bows, and red lips. Additionally, it adopts a Douyin makeup style which effectively resulted in a charmingly kitty-like outcome.

Makeup is akin to playing with colors, textures, and various elements. It’s not just about glamour; rather, it’s an artistic and experimental approach to altering one’s appearance. It can practice your creative juices, and even take you on a trip down the memory lane. Furthermore, these are the TikTok Makeup Challenges of 2024 so far. Which one is your favorite?
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