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VP/Spotlight: The Heartbeats and Music of ‘Yes My Love’

VP/Spotlight: The Heartbeats and Music of ‘Yes My Love’

For the past year or so, many P–pop groups have been on the rise as listeners continue to recognize the dedication that each group has. One of the notable rising P-pop groups is Yes My Love

Yes My Love, a 5-member P-pop boy group composed of Jeff, Joshua, Brian, Niko, and RZ shares the inspirations and motivations in recording their latest EP, “You, Me, & Love.” Each track on the EP reflects the members’ dedication to their craft as artists, making “You, Me, & Love” a deeply-moving compilation of OPM covers centering on the theme of love. Debuting just last year and rebranding again this year, the P-pop boy group are hopeful to sweep more listeners through the innate familiarity each track brings.                        

A Brand New EP,  “You, Me, & Love”

In their first-ever EP titled “You, Me, & Love”, Yes My Love recorded five tracks of OPM hit songs. Each had a unique touch of their very own rendition. These classic revivals are: “Laging Naroon Ka” by Jaya, “Hanggang Ngayon” by Kyla, “Gisingin Ang Puso” by Liezel Garcia, “Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita” by Roselle Nava, and “Ako Na Lang” by Zia Quizon. As the boys showcase these modernized versions of songs, they take on the challenge of a lifetime. 

“It is an honor for us to make revival versions of these OPM classic hit songs.” -Niko

Driven by their desire to pay homage to artists who came before them, Yes My Love pays their high respect for OPM through these tracks. The newly-released EP are more than just mere covers–it is the group’s love letter to the OPM industry. 

“I really give importance to respect for your seniors and sometimes we forget that, we go back to where we came from.”

Josh, Yes My Love

Brian shares that, for many people, doing covers can be the jumpstart of one’s creative journey. As they get inspiration from OPM themselves, they wanted to establish their rebranding as a group through the classic revivals. With the goal of introducing themselves to wider audiences this year, the group did not fail to showcase their vocal prowess and talent in each song. One could characterize the EP as an indicator of a new era of Yes My Love’s new sound and brand of P-Pop. 

Vocal Heartstoppers of P-Pop

The five members shared their journey in curating the EP and the process definitely did not come easy. When they recorded, the group shared, their dedication and hard work were always at the center. Determined to prove the moniker, “Vocal Heartstoppers of P-Pop”, one of their goals is to consistently deliver the best vocal abilities. 

The five boys easily joke around, saying they hated and avoided the idea of rest just to perfect each track. To paint the picture: their recording sessions would usually start at 6 P.M., but they would only get to pack up and leave the studio by 9 A.M. the following day. This puts to perspective how strenuous their vocal practice to perfection is.

Hard work did pay off, as the success of “You, Me, & Love” became evident. The five-track EP met widespread acclaim, receiving praise for its production and vocal quality. On the evening of the release day, the EP reached the number one spot on the iTunes Philippines and Singapore charts while also clinching a spot on Spotify’s New Music Friday Philippines playlist.

But, more than the numbers, the young lads of YML declare that putting the EP together was what they truly wanted. They continue to express their desire to produce songs and their love for OPM, beyond the streams and the numbers.

Love for Music

In the ocean of thriving P-pop groups and artists in the country today, Yes My Love admits to struggling with their brand and identity. During their training days, the boys undeniably acknowledged the swift growth of P-pop

“The stakes have been high and as it should. But alongside that is finding the brand that sets us apart. What helped us in solving that is we love music. We love to express our music.”

Succumbing to the idea of a “formula” of success in P-pop groups, YML struggled to define themselves and their music. Throughout their journey, eventually, the boys are beginning to discover that rather than being different, being relatable is actually what truly matters. Connecting with fans and listeners should come first. 

“We felt like there was a certain shape to be in a P-pop group. We love music, we love to sing, we love to express ourselves through music. We’re still in the process of solidifying that. However, we are in a good start.” 

As they continue to recognize the roots of OPM, P-pop, and the whole Filipino music industry and its significance for many, the group solved one of the biggest challenges they have encountered. 

Five heartbeats, one sound 

How do the five ideas, personalities, and quirks make a great team? Sharing one music and sound for the boys is the most important despite having different takes on things. When asked about their group dynamics, the five boys claim the single, most important thing in their bond: brotherhood. Jeff shares that their growth and foundation together as a group rooted during their training days and their brotherhood became stronger. 

“We compromise, we weigh what’s the best thing for the group because at the end of the day, our main goal is to make Yes My Love  a success especially para sa mga 143 namin,”

Each of the members have specialities that are instrumental to their music. The team works in a way that contributes to the potential of each member. If one member writes, the others can bring up suggestions for vocal arrangements.

“We push each other’s limits, we  never fail to deliver [din] because the motivation for each other is always present. Brotherhood is [the] most important, walang banggaan.”

Brian, Yes My Love

Growing numbers of 143

143s, the fandom name for the supporters of Yes My Love, have been growing not just locally but also internationally. Previously, in celebration of Laging Naroon Ka’s release, fans from Singapore made a special event just for them.  Humbled, the five boys share that 143s are one of their greatest motivations.

“The mere fact that our 143s in the Philippines, or Singapore, and even Thailand are championing us, it just validates what we are doing right now. It inspires us even more na pagbutihin ‘yung ginagawa namin.”

“Ang sarap sa feeling mabigyan ng chance na makita namin ‘yung mga taong sumusuporta sa amin behind accounts na nakikita namin sa social media.”

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Niko, Yes My Love

YML creates a bond with their fans, too–even recognizing them from social media interactions when they meet in-person. They share that seeing their faces light up when they meet each other is something that they really treasure. Looking forward to meeting Singaporian and Thai fans soon as well, Niko shares how grateful he is to see supporters in real life.

Love is universal 

Being familiar with their international fans, this motivates them in creating meaningful music that transcends all languages. Jeff shares that he wants to bring comfort to listeners even if it’s through melodies in a song.  

“Love is really universal and we want to transcend that in so many ways.”

For Yes My Love, the goal is to always become an instrument of love in their message as a group. One key element of this is: vulnerability.

“Some people are not very vocal about what they feel. Through music, I hope we are helping other people speak up their thoughts, sa mga nararamdaman nila.”

Niko, Yes My Love

Josh shares that vulnerability is what makes humans special. The boys always encourage their listeners and supporters to not be afraid to face their vulnerability as people and because there’s beauty in being vulnerable.

What’s next for Yes My Love?

Niko shares that the release of the EP may only be a “warm-up” to bigger things coming for their career. When asked about their future plans, the boys joke around, teasing a possible upcoming album in the future.

In the future, YML hopes to keep sending the various meanings of love and how this transcends in many different ways of our lives. For their supporters, fans, and each other as co-members, they continue to realize that a lot of the things they do are rooted in love.  Through the art of music, they hope to keep spreading this light amongst their supporters and future listeners. At the end of the day, as they always say, it all boils down to love. 

“If you have love sa lahat ng ginagawa mo whatever it is, you will always be on the right path.” 

The ‘You, Me, & Love’  EP is now available to stream on all major music streaming platforms worldwide. Schedules to their upcoming shows and performances will be posted on all of their social media accounts.

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