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Build Your Student-Friendly Makeup Kit with Squad Cosmetics

Build Your Student-Friendly Makeup Kit with Squad Cosmetics

Aside from your grades, your face card should never decline as well. Prepare your brushes and beauty blenders because Squad Cosmetics is here to save your school days! 

Squad Cosmetics is a local beauty brand that promises each Filipina high quality, cruelty-free, and very affordable makeup products. If you’re dreaming of building your own makeup kit but only have a few extra pesos from your baon, we got something for you! Build your slayable and student-friendly makeup kit with Squad Cosmetics!

Aqua Foundation 

Every F2F day could be foundation day because Squad Cosmetics’ Aqua Foundation can already be yours for PhP 199! This medium-to-full coverage foundation is claimed to be hydrating, lightweight, and buildable. Your blemishes would surely be covered without the feeling of heaviness on the skin. 

Aqua Foundation also infuses skin-loving ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, vitamin E, and ceramides to ensure that your skin is protected. Offering eight different shades, this foundation is suitable for the fair-skinned and morena girlies out there. Get that skin-like finish with Squad Cosmetics Aqua Foundation! 

Conceal It 

Pulled an all-nighter for an exam? No worries! With Squad Cosmetics’ Conceal It, you can say goodbye to the bags under your eyes. Even with the random breakouts or uneven complexion, their concealer has got you covered. 

Find your perfect match through their nine available shades! This full coverage concealer, infused with primer, promises to stay on your skin for 16 hours, all for only PhP 99. If you’re going to stay at the school for too long, Squad Cosmetics’ Conceal It surely won’t let you down. 

Air Fix Loose Powder

But will the liquid base withstand the heat? Achieve that hulas-free look while in class with Squad Cosmetics’ Air Fix Loose Powder! No more cakey and hulas makeup with the loose powder that sets your makeup in place. 

For only PhP 149, this product is available in five shades to help blur your fine lines while absorbing the oil on your skin. Never worry about being oily with Squad Cosmetics’ Air Fix Loose Powder. 

Brow Fix 

Going to school without your eyebrows on fleek is a mortal sin! Squad Cosmetics’ Brow Fix for only PhP 99 is here to fix that. Don’t worry, it’s very creamy and beginner-friendly! 

This product comes with a retractable angled pencil that lets you customize your eyebrow strokes and a spoolie brush to blend and brush your brows to desired direction. With six available shades, you’ll easily find the color that suits your eyebrows best. Achieve your dream shape, outline, and color through Squad Cosmetics’ Brow Fix! 

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Lip & Cheek Stain

No lip and cheek stain, no entry! If you want to give your lips and cheeks a pop of color, you only need PhP 99 to get the Squad Cosmetics’ Lip and Cheek Stain

Aside from its dewy finish and moisturizing formula, this product is also long-lasting! This will surely become your holy grail especially during long school hours. Featuring 18 beautiful shades, this water-based tint is a must-add to your makeup kit for a fresh and fun look. Give those lips and cheeks an exciting color with Squad Cosmetics’ Lip and Cheek Stain! 

Happy Pot 

Not a fan of water-based tints? It’s okay! Squad Cosmetics caters to everyone’s preference. Happy Pot is Squad Cosmetics’ cream-based multi-use product. May it be your lips, cheeks, or even eyelids, Happy Pot will be at your service! 

With 12 diverse shades to choose from and for just PhP 75, you’ll get to enjoy a very pigmented and moisturizing product. This all-in-one product is a life-saver, especially for those who want to save time, money, and space when traveling. Very convenient and affordable, right? 

With great makeup comes great grades 

Have you chosen what to buy on your next shopping spree? Let Squad Cosmetics build your confidence and encourage self-expression through their affordable yet premium products. 

Always remember: when you look better, you feel better, and you do better in school! There’s no harm in investing in yourselves, too! 

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