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VP/Tech Review | realme Buds T110: Dynamic Audio in Full Color

VP/Tech Review | realme Buds T110: Dynamic Audio in Full Color

Earbuds shopping nowadays can get overwhelming with the array of options in the market. But not everybody has the energy to probe every spec while considering the earbuds’ price. If you’re that person who just wants something that works, then the realme Buds T110 might be for you.

Leading tech provider, realme, had just unveiled their latest earbud offering with the realme Buds T110. Aside from a compact build and quality, it also packs a colorful set of features both casual users and enthusiasts can enjoy.

So, if you’re looking for a fresh pair of earbuds, join us as we review the realme Buds T110. With a promise of high-quality sound and efficiency, let’s see if it stays true to its promise of listening in full color.


Out of the box, the realme Buds T110 sports a round design that gives off a modern and clean look. Depending on your vibe, you can choose among the three two-tone colorways it offers — Country Green, Punk Black, and Pop white. The one we got our hands on sports the Pop White color, a classic colorway that feels premium and easy on the eyes.

Moreover, the device sports a stem design that fits snugly in the ear. It is extremely lightweight and comfortable even in high-intensity activities. I appreciate that even after hours of wearing it, my ears did not hurt, nor did I feel any discomfort.

Additionally, it supports intelligent touch controls that you can adjust in the realme Link app.

Durability-wise, the realme Buds T110 has an IPX5 water resistance rating. If you plan on using the device outdoors, this means the device will survive minor splashes of water and sweat.

The realme Buds T110 comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.4, so you know you’re getting the best connectivity. It also has an Instant Connection feature that allows the earbuds to connect automatically once you have paired them to your device. You just need to turn Bluetooth on, open the case, and you’re already connected.

We highly recommend downloading the realme Link app to optimize your realme Buds T110 experience. While the device works fine without the app, it allows you to adjust the sound quality according to your liking.

Bass and Audio Quality

In terms of audio quality, the realme Buds T110 exceeded my expectations. It offered a vibrant and clear sound with just the right amount of bass, which I highly appreciated.

Thanks to its 10mm Dynamic Bass Driver, the bass sounds deep and full even at max volume. For tech nerds, its diaphragm fashions PEEK + PU Composite materials which contributes a lot to the crisp and improved sound that the device has.

If you have the realme Link app, you can also choose between three different equalizer modes: Bright (For clearer vocals,) Balanced (For a balanced bass and treble sound,) and Bass Boost+ (For a deeper bass and punchier sound.) I prefer the Bass Boost+ option since I tend to gravitate towards the sensation of a punchy bass.

The buds also have AI ENC Noise Cancellation for calls that may come in handy for outdoor conversations.

Low Latency

If you intend to use the realme Buds T110 for gaming, you’d be glad to hear that it boasts an 88ms super low latency in its gaming mode. The gaming mode is another feature you can enjoy when you optimize your realme Buds T110 in the realme Link app.

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Based on our testing through different RPG and MOBA games, it provided almost perfectly synced audio. The words mouthed on the screen always complimented what was being transmitted by the earbuds in your ears.

With this low latency gaming mode feature, you’ll have no trouble being in sync with your teammates during a competitive gameplay match. However, we’d like to note that this feature is only available on Android devices for now.


The realme Buds T110 sports a 460mAh battery for its charging case and a 20mAh battery for each earbud. It boasts a 38-hour total playback time perfect for those long trips and joy rides.

If you accidentally left your house without charging the buds, you’d be glad to hear that a 10-minute charge can give you 120 minutes of playback time. This makes it a perfect on-the-go option for people whose lifestyles can’t keep up with charging several times a day.

On our testing, the earbuds can last for around 7 hours of continuous use. Furthermore, the charging case only started to reach 80% after three days of casual testing on our end. This makes for a practical choice for students and workers commuting every day.

Overall Thoughts

An earbud doesn’t have to be confusing all the time, sometimes we just need something that could color the dull space we’re traversing in.

The realme Buds T110 presents a perfect package for people looking for an all-around listening device. For its price, you get a long-lasting battery, a low latency feature, and exquisite sound quality. Regardless of whether you’re a casual enjoyer or a gaming enthusiast, you can enjoy what the realme Buds T110 has to offer.

The realme Buds T110 will be available online for P1,399 starting June 13, 2024, and in realme physical stores nationwide on June 14, 2024. But there’s more, the realme Buds T110 will be available in realme’s official TikTok and Lazada stores for as low as P1,199 until June 20, 2024, so grab it while it lasts.

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