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VP/Cover | Miss Glenda: Brilliant Breaker of Barriers

VP/Cover | Miss Glenda: Brilliant Breaker of Barriers

We grew up in a world that sees things pink and blue, associating these colors to femininity and masculinity and worse, the former to weakness and the latter to strength. Many generations continue to cling onto this belief. Thankfully, brave individuals rise up in the present to challenge the existing perspectives, just as how Miss Glenda redefined pink and continues to shine as the brilliant breaker of barriers.

She is the Chief Executive Officer of the Brilliant Skin Essentials, a rising skincare line that offers not only brilliant and glowing skin but illuminating confidence and self-esteem from within. Miss Glenda, aside from proving her excellence in the male-dominated world of business, also pushes all limits possible in championing the recognition of women and their undeniable capacity as individuals across many industries.

Brilliance, in the story of this brave woman icon, is indeed beyond the beauty that the beholders’ eyes could see. It is found in the heart of an advocate like her who continues to break through the walls and challenge the long-existing norms that limit the power of womanhood.

Brilliance in the eyes of Miss Glenda

Hearing Brilliant Skin for the first time certainly gives one a clue to what the woman behind this brand would like to offer the world: a good, healthy, and glowing skin. Who would’ve thought that brilliance, in the eyes of Miss Glenda, meant so much more not only for her but for the women of today?

When I was brainstorming names, I wanted something that would resonate with our vision of transforming lives through skincare. “Brilliant” signifies not only the physical glow of the skin but also the inner confidence that comes from feeling good about oneself.

-Miss Glenda on naming her business after brilliance

Before becoming the business icon that she is today, she was first an advocate of self-empowerment, allowing people to realize their genuine beauty and embrace their most authentic selves. This character made Miss Glenda push harder and go further. The universe might have seen her genuine heart to transform lives and set people free from the chains of the conventional standards for beauty.

As Brilliant Skin continued committed to its goals and principles, it also began to stand out for its excellence. It started finding its own solid ground in the market and slowly built its name and just like Miss Glenda, became consistent in tearing down walls, especially for the women. For many people, aiming to do such acts may mean facing constant struggles, mockery, and rejections, but not for Miss Glenda. She stood firm in reaching her goals and empowering more women like her.

What keeps me going is a deep-rooted passion for making a difference and a belief in the potential of women to achieve great things. Each barrier we break not only opens doors for more women but also challenges societal norms and inspires future generations.

-Miss Glenda on her continuous fight for women representation in the business industry

Change is indeed a result that we have been consistently seeking and a challenge that many continue to deny, especially for those who struggle from the narrowed spaces that the society creates for them. On the other hand, people like Miss Glenda who sees hope in the brilliance of brave advocate hearts will remain a beacon of illuminating hope that together, we will witness the change we have hoped for.

The way to her brilliant success

Brilliant Skin Essentials and Miss Glenda may seem to have one of the most brightest stories of success in the present, but one must not forget that every story has a beginning where darkness existed and light was needed. Miss Glenda vividly remembers how she was afraid to step into the fast-changing world of business and face constant uncertainties, but still chose to stand firm and take the risks that come with trying. Little did she know that one simple step of braving the uncertainties would lead her to the brilliant lights of success.

I was filled with uncertainty and fear, unsure if I could succeed in such a competitive industry. However, the unwavering support from my family and friends gave me the courage to leap. That experience taught me the importance of believing in oneself and the value of a strong support system. It reminded me that taking risks is essential for growth and that surrounding oneself with positive influences can make all the difference.

-Miss Glenda, sharing her experience when Brilliant Skin was still starting

A plot of a brilliant success story would never be complete if the roads remained smooth for them. The woman of Brilliant Skin Essentials, along her way to the peak of success, had to face struggles too, but her strong personality as an individual and as a woman transformed these experiences into principles that made her better and stronger as a person.

My life experiences have taught me the importance of perseverance, adaptability, and the power of a supportive community. Every challenge I’ve faced has been a lesson in resilience, teaching me that setbacks are not the end but growth opportunities.

-Miss Glenda on her life experiences that made her the woman she is today

Her success and story are indeed inspiring but are just results of her resilience and bravery amidst the struggles she had to deal with. The undeniable strength that Miss Glenda showed as an individual and as a woman speaks volumes on the capacity of more people like her. Her story will continue to become a living narrative that counters the long-existing stereotypical perspectives on women.

To those who still underestimate women in male-dominated industries, I would say it’s time to recognize and embrace the unique perspectives and talents that women bring to the table. Gender diversity enriches businesses and leads to better decision-making and innovation. It’s crucial to challenge outdated stereotypes and biases that hinder progress. Women have proven time and again that they can excel and lead in any field.

-Miss Glenda on the continuous gender-based discrimination in many industries

Redefining the brilliant power of pink

Womanhood has always been associated with many things tangible and intangible, and among them is the soothing color of pink—a strong manifestation of the world’s lifelong gender roles and stereotypes. On many occasions, this color became a symbol of things opposite to strength and power, typically associated with masculinity. On the other hand, in the contemporary world, many individuals dared to challenge this reality and Miss Glenda is among them.

Ever since Brilliant Skin Essentials began, pink has always been its iconic color. For others, this hue is a typical shade to see in a beauty brand as a usual symbol of fanciness and fantasy. However, Miss Glenda saw a brilliant power in pink and dared to redefine it.

Pink was chosen as a central color in our branding because it symbolizes femininity, warmth, and care, which align with the values of our brand. It is a color that is both soothing and empowering, appealing to our target audience… It’s a versatile color that conveys both strength and compassion, reflecting our commitment to delivering high-quality products that care for the skin while empowering individuals.

-Miss Glenda on choosing pink for her brand

Pink is a color that embodies a blend of strength and gentleness. It is often associated with love, kindness, and warmth, making it a perfect representation of the nurturing care we provide through our skincare products. Pink is also a color of empowerment and confidence, challenging traditional notions of femininity by showing that softness and strength can coexist.

-Miss Glenda on the power that she sees in pink.

From the name of her brand up to the color that she picks to represent her skincare line, Miss Glenda sees more in them. She always allows her advocacies for self-empowerment and women representation to be present and manifested in her choices. Her advocate heart amplifies the purpose of her platform in unleashing the most authentic versions of others and reaching their maximum potential as individuals and as women. Her story will continue to spark inspiration among the people who relate to the movements she pushes forward and fights for.

Believe in yourself and your capabilities. Fear is a natural response to the unknown, but courage is not the absence of fear; it’s the determination to move forward despite it. Each small step you take toward your goal builds momentum and confidence. Surround yourself with supportive people who uplift and encourage you. Remember, every barrier you break is not just for you but for countless others who will follow. Your courage can ignite a movement and inspire others to pursue their dreams.

-Miss Glenda, sharing her message to people in the midst of uncertainties and fear of getting discriminated

The story that she holds is a living contradiction to the way the world looked at women. Her eyes for beauty and heart for advocacy built her as the woman that she is today—strong and empowering, proving that Miss Glenda is indeed the brilliant breaker of barriers.

PublisherRichie de Quina & Gwynn Crisostomo
Editor-in-Chief | John Luke Chica
Senior Editor | Achilles Bamba
PR & Advertising Manager |  Josh Austria
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Words by Chud David Dulay

Photographer | Charisma Lico

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