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The fan-favorite Tinted Lip Glaze is here with an exciting update!

The fan-favorite Tinted Lip Glaze is here with an exciting update!

Our popular Tinted Lip Glaze is bringing in some new shades! We are overjoyed to finally share the expansion of our shade range, offering even more options for our loving goal-getters to express their unique personalities and styles. 

Known for its long-lasting stain, Tinted Lip Glaze is a go-to for our fellow goal-getters. Its color payoff also keeps you looking beautiful and ready to face the world with confidence. 

Enhanced with nourishing lip-loving ingredients that not only beautify your lips but also contribute to a radiant appearance. The inclusion of Glycerin helps seal in essential moisture, leaving your lips soft and supple. Antioxidant vitamin E works its magic to hydrate and nourish, while Seaweed Extract contributes calming qualities to combat dryness. 

And now, it’s time to reveal the newest sparkles of the family – our new shade collection, carefully crafted to suit your every mood:

  1. The fan-favorite Tinted Lip Glaze is here with an exciting update!
  2. 24/7 – A rose mauve that effortlessly transitions from day to night, keeping you in style around the clock. 
  3. Aye (New) – A captivating rosewood mauve that demands attention and exudes confidence.
  4. Yumi (New) – A romantic deep rose shade that complements any ensemble, ensuring a dreamy touch. 
  5. Not basic – A bold and edgy medium berry shade choice for those who want to stand out. 
  6. Ribbon (New) – A rich and elegant toasted mauve shade that adds a touch of glamour. 
  7. Ballerina (New) – A graceful and feminine muted almond pink color that brings out your inner elegance. 
  8. Strawberry – A classic warm berry pink shade that never goes out of style. 
  9. Baywatch (New) – A neutral medium red that turns heads wherever you go. 
  10. Upside brown – A warm and autumn brick red that effortlessly enhances your beauty. 
  11. 90s brown – For all the nostalgia lovers, a trendy terracotta brown shade that brings back the golden era. 
  12. Tangerine – A warm nude shade perfect for achieving a natural and effortless beauty look.  

Whether you’re looking for a subtle everyday shade or a statement-making color, our collection offers something for every preference! 

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Make sure to grab your favorite shades from our refreshed Tinted Lip Glaze range, available now online at Shopee, Lazada, and at select retail locations for only P299.00. Treat your lips to the perfect combination of style, nourishment, and lasting color with our Tinted Lip Glaze. 

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