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X CHRONICLES: #rp612fic entries for Independence Day 2024

X CHRONICLES: #rp612fic entries for Independence Day 2024

We cannot rewrite history the way we want it to be—or can we? The answer is yes, but only if you are among the most esteemed Filipino X chroniclers writing down and sharing “rare” materials of the “history” for #rp612fic as they celebrated 126th Philippine independence, freeing us all from boredom.

This hashtag has been a consistent trend for Filipino social media users every time one of the country’s most significant historical events comes around the corner. RP stands for Republic of the Philippines while 612 signifies its date, June 12 and the fic serves as the shortened fiction, indicating that the content comes with it are purely works of the Filipino humorous minds.

#rp612fic entries usually feature timely or trending happenings in the media that they deemed a complete resemblance of some of the notable historical events in the Philippines. That said, a visit to this hashtag is a liberating experience from the boredom that has chained you.

Take a look at the X Chronicles featuring #rp612fic!

Katipuneros saying thank you so mu— 

Who could not relate to this hilarious entry featuring a compilation of Claudine Baretto and her many “Thank you so much” that seemed to have not made it to the cut? In this post, the X Chronicler reimagined the Philippines’ Optimum Star as katipuneros expressing their gratitude after getting aid from Tandang Sora, a Filipina hero. An iconic star thanking a woman icon of Philippine history? What a great way to appreciate Tandang Sora’s major contributions to our independence!

Not my BINI but maBINI!

Brains of the Philippine Revolution, Apolinario Mabini might feel as if he stands before so many “Salamin, Salamin” with this entry, featuring the P-pop girl group BINI in their cute and vibrant outfits. This X chronicle for #rp612fic reimagines the nation’s girl group to have existed in the time of revolution but with faces looking exactly the same as one of the known historical figures in the country, Mabini. If ever this comes to your feed, do not be mistaken; it’s not my BINI, but maBINI!

A katipunera on her way to give the chop!

She ate it all up and left no crumbs! Here’s an entry featuring Marina Summers reimagined as a katipunera holding pride and bravery deep in her heart to give the colonizers the chop. Epic and mothering as it looks, Marina really gave the katipunera energy, showing the world what a Filipina is capable of. Indeed, a katipunera is a Filipina winnah, and her name today is Marina!

A victory worth celebrating day and night

Who would not dance to celebrate a successful resistance to the invaders? This X chronicle visualizes the vibe of the Filipino warriors who fought and won against Magellan and his troop, featuring Magiliws’ real-life heroes, P-pop boy group ALAMAT dancing to their original song, Day and Night! Indeed, our independence truly is worth celebrating and worth defending from the rising of the sun to the setting of the moon.

A slay for the KKK

It’s the children of a mothering nation during the Cry of Pugad Lawin! This #rp612fic reimagines one of the Philippines’ fiercest revolutionary groups, Kataas-taasan, Kagalang-galangang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan (KKK) as an organization led by members of the LGBTQIA+ Community. What a mothering “what if” we got there! I mean, they uphold the same love, service and pride for the nation, and besides June is their month too, anyway. Makibeki, ‘wag ma-orkot!

Keeping this social media tradition alive is also keeping our love and interest for the nation’s history burning. It’s all fun and games until one takes it to another level and seriously dares to distort history. Defend the truth! Preserve history! Celebrate our victory!

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