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BINI celebrates their transformation in their newest single with Puregold

BINI celebrates their transformation in their newest single with Puregold

The nation’s girl group BINI, known for their chart-topping hits, is back with a unique single in collaboration with Puregold. This time, they’ve taken a solo approach to the popular track “Nasa Atin ang Panalo,” infusing it with their own theme of “Ang Kwento ng Pagbabago.”

“When we decided to feature and work with our country’s leading musical artists, we knew we had to collaborate with BINI,” says Puregold President Vincent Co. “They’ve worked hard to make themselves an important part of the local music landscape, and we’re proud to showcase their talent in collaboration with Puregold.”

BINI is set to be one of the main acts at Puregold’s highly-anticipated “Nasa Atin ang Panalo” Thanksgiving concert this July 12 at Araneta Coliseum.

Several weeks ago, Puregold released the “Nasa Atin ang Panalo” collaboration music video featuring four superstar acts in BINI, SB19, Flow G, and SunKissed Lola. After teasing what each artist could do with the song, we’re now getting the first complete version as performed by a single artist in BINI.

In the single, BINI focuses on their growth and transformation as artists. Just as their loyal fans are called “Blooms” so do the singers of BINI continue to grow and blossom through their time in the spotlight. The opening lyrics of this song speak to how all their experiences, past and present, have led them to where they are today: “Ang mga itinuro ng noon / Dalhin at palakasin ang ngayon.”

There’s always a new day to better oneself.

The song serves as a reminder to all the Blooms and music fans in the country, that there’s always a new day to better oneself. BINI sums this up perfectly in the pre-chorus by singing, “Anuman ang pinagmulan / Mas mahalaga ang pupuntahan!”

In the music video for the single, BINI also dances and performs in a stylized impression of a Puregold store. Here, they share their “panalo” story with Puregold’s employees and everyday shoppers. Moreover, the song celebrates BINI and the people who have led Puregold to its own success over the years.

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“Just like BINI, Puregold is always working to achieve its own ‘kwento ng pagbabago,’” said Ivy Hayagan-Piedad, senior marketing manager of Puregold. “That’s why we continue to open locations nationwide, innovate to serve our customers better, and also be active in different initiatives to make a difference for the Philippines.”

Furthermore, BINI will headline Puregold’s highly-anticipated “Nasa Atin ang Panalo” Thanksgiving concert on July 12 at Araneta Coliseum. They will also share the stage with SB19 and Flow G, and SunKissed Lola will deliver a special performance. For information on how to secure tickets, make sure to follow Puregold and the artists on all their social media platforms.

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