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VP/Xclusives: Janno Styles — Styling Dreams to Reality

VP/Xclusives: Janno Styles — Styling Dreams to Reality


From being called a “jack-of-all-trades, master of none” to leading a self-made company called Janno Styles and Co., Janno Novenario proves how he is a true visionary. One that is crafted and molded for the fashion industry.

Keeping one foot in an 8-hour job and another foot in fashion styling in the past was beyond difficult. Janno even had to quit his part-time styling three to four times. However, life has its tendencies of fulfilling everyone’s fate, though. When the timing and opportunity presented themselves, he took no hesitations in grabbing them.

In 2015, he decided to go full-time with his passion, saving up money for potential expenses and investments. That was when Janno Styles and Co., Janno’s pride and fruit of labor, was born.

Blast from the past: Fashion Stylist in-the-making

Before pursuing a career in fashion, Janno was up in all places. And like most people, he had quite a different career path in mind when he was a kid.

“I have always wanted to join the army. Or play professional sports. [Also] to become a lawyer, since I took up pre-law in college,” he said.

Janno’s first job was for a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). It led him to the corporate world, which eventually opened a path for his passion for fashion.

“Back in 2011, I was working at a retail store. Part of the job description when you’re on the marketing team is to work on visual merchandise set-ups. I fell in love with putting looks together for the window displays. I was creating art by putting all these wonderful pieces together to tell a story or concept,” Janno explained.

The same year, a reality TV show had a casting call for fashion stylists and glam team members, and Janno and his friends tried checking it out. Without even having the slightest idea of what a “fashion stylist” completely does and not even having a proper portfolio, he satisfied his urge and curiosity by risking it.

He did not know that this particular moment in his life would be the start of his blooming, successful career in fashion.

Janno’s pride and joy: Diving deeper with “Janno Styles and Co.”

In Janno’s decision to focus on styling last 2015, he saved up to build Janno Styles and Co. from scratch. It is a creative consulting firm — a fusion of his expertise in marketing and passion for the arts and fashion.

“I have always been a visionary. Working in Marketing for over 9 years, I have learned how to take directions and give directions. I promised myself I will someday put up a business of my own where I’d call the shots, decide on things, and pick the people I will be working with. And so I did,” said Janno.

His journey towards success wasn’t all rainbows, however. The first year in, he has been “hit by challenges in all aspects” of his life. It opened his eyes to the fact that not everything is as smooth-sailing as you expect it to be. Not all ideas would be fulfilled; not all plans will work on how you expect them to be.

“One of my mentors, Doc Marlon, once told me to turn the energy that’s beginning to be a burden into something productive. And when I started channeling these energies to work, I’ve realised I have learned such a wonderful life lesson. Do not dwell on things we cannot control, and to know when to turn things around,” expressed Janno.


Furthermore, he believes that everyone should embrace determination, drive, and the willingness to grow in their journeys toward success.

Creativity and its hardships (and fulfillments!)

Janno has been in love with the arts for as long as he remembers. Before focusing on styling, he wanted to do many things when he was a kid. Dancing, interior design, and photography are just a few of those things.

Now that fashion has his attention, he constantly feels pressured and driven to think of new ideas, which is taxing. To help him in his work, he takes inspiration from the little things.

“I take inspiration from a lot of things — even from the littlest ones. From how the sky looks like at present to how a particular music makes me feel. There are always a million things in my head that just keeps on generating ideas and endless possibilities. And those ideas, I would almost always want to bring to life. That’s what pushes me to create things and work on my magic,” he said.

Aside from that, Janno carries a journal with him wherever he goes. Traveling and connecting with people help him in his process, too.


His creativity and eye for art led him to what he is now. No matter how difficult the process is, seeing the result of his hard work makes it all worth it.

When asked about Janno’s favorite projects, although proud of all his works, two particular people come to mind. The first was when he got to work with Paloma Urquijo.

He describes Paloma as one of the most beautiful souls he has ever met.

“I was just starting out as a stylist then. Working with such a personality was overwhelming and intimidating,” said Janno.

It was one of his first works. Standing in front of Paloma’s closet sent him in a half-dream, half-awake state.

“It blows me away when she shares her ideas and goals in life during interviews or small talks. She’s such an amazing soul with a huge heart,” Janno added.

Further in his career, he also said how working with Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach blew him away.

“She was a joy to work with — professional, nice, and the energy she has is unbelievable. Jet-lagged and all, she had just flown the day before. She comes into the set on time, with a huge smile on her face ready to work,” expressed Janno.

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These memorable work relationships and projects would not be possible without a great team, though. According to Janno, nothing beats the feeling of being able to create amazing work and knowing that everyone in the team contributed to it.

The creativity of each person aside from marketing knowledge (which comes in handy at times) is what drives projects to success.

From inspirations to aspirations

Having a great support system is what helps a person go through all the challenges he or she faces in life, and Janno is lucky enough to have them.


When asked who inspired Janno to be the person that he is today, he said there was a lot. He explained how he witnessed so many people who worked hard to achieve the goals they have set for themselves and succeeded. He admires these kinds of people.

“Doc Marlon Pecjo, Soo Geun Lee, Joey and Audie Espino, Robbie Carmona, Pat Santos, Erick de Guzman and Kitten Zapata are a few of those driving energies that that pushed me to be the person I am today,” he said.


And for aspiring stylists who dream of trudging forward towards the path of fashion and one day hoping to create a name for themselves, Janno wishes them luck and patience.

“Never stop dreaming. And always, always, always trust yourself,” he said.

Janno urges everyone to trust themselves, their passions, and their skills, just like what he did to be the person that he is now.

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