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Achieve Comfort, Style, & Confidence with SOLÁ Nipple Covers

Achieve Comfort, Style, & Confidence with SOLÁ Nipple Covers

Nowadays, wearing a regular bra under crop tops, white shirts, or sleeveless shirts feels like a crime. Aside from the uneasiness of using regular bras, they also have the tendency to mess up our OOTDs. Worry no more, because SOLÁ’s new line of nipple covers has got you covered! 

What even is SOLÁ?

Photo Credit: @sola_body on Instagram

SOLÁ successfully launched their brand in January 2024 through their Mercury Collection. With high-quality shapewear, owner Kylie Verzosa wants everyone to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. 

As SOLÁ introduces their new line of nipple covers, VP is here to give you a glimpse of how these nipple covers helped us achieve comfort, style, and confidence! 

Shade Range

SOLÁ’s new silicon reusable “No-Show Nipple Covers” offer three diverse shades to cater various skin tones of Filipina women: Cloud, Dune, and Eclipse. Cloud would best suit light and fair skin tones while Dune is a great match for medium skin tones. Eclipse, on the other hand, is a shade that was made especially for the morenas out there. 

Instead of hurting yourself with the straps and tightness of regular bras, you just have to paste SOLÁ’s nipple covers on your chest and you’re good to go!


Reusable & Travel-Friendly

Upon seeing the product firsthand, I initially liked the Space Pouch that comes with the nipple cover. As a person who travels a lot, having this silicon pouch is a very smart and convenient move. 

With the intention of reusing my nipple cover, the space pouch is a stylish and practical accessory while I carry and use the product from place to place. And it’s pink, too! What more could I ask for?

Care Card for Beginners

When you open the Space Pouch, you will find one pair of nipple covers and a care card. The care card contains simple and easy-to-follow instructions on how to clean your nipple cover. 

This would be a great help for Filipinas who have just started to switch to a bra-less lifestyle. Cleaning and maintaining your nipple covers would get you your money’s worth and prolong the life of your nipple essential! 

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All-in-One: Comfort, Style, & Confidence

Of course, we had to personally try if it works wonders. Amidst the sweltering heat, I tried the SOLÁ No-Show Nipple Cover in the shade Cloud. The opaque cover naturally blends with my skin and upon application, it feels like you’re wearing nothing. 

Cloud did its job in protecting my chest without the uneasy and uncomfortable feeling of a regular bra. I did sweat a lot while I was outside, but its gentle adhesive and soft silicon finish made me feel secured and comfortable while I was wearing the cover. Its water-proof adhesive assured me that I don’t have to worry about it falling off anytime.

As a certified hubadera, I have tried countless nipple tapes before, but SOLÁ feels more skin-like and seamless than the others. With its ability to give me comfort and confidence while maintaining my style, this nipple cover is now on my OOTD essentials! 

Get into the SOLÁ System! 

Excited to get your hands on SOLÁ’s No-Show Nipple Cover? These will be available on May 13 for every Filipina for only ₱285 with the Space Packet and ₱385 with the Space Pouch. Gather on their website at 6:00 PM or at Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok Shop to secure your nipple cover! 

Covering your chest should not be uneasy and uncomfortable. Let SOLÁ help you be confident and comfy while slaying every outfit out there! 

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