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Piliin Mo Ang Pilipinas: This Filipino Trend Showcases PH Culture, History, and its Pipol

Piliin Mo Ang Pilipinas: This Filipino Trend Showcases PH Culture, History, and its Pipol

Piliin Mo Ang Pilipinas: This Emerging Trend Showcases PH Culture, History, and its People

Piliin mo ang Pilipinas,’ this Filipino Trend has been gracing the Internet this past few weeks. And everyone was in awe of our favorite influencers’ entry for this for it showcases our rich culture, history, and even its pipol!

Piliin Mo Ang Pilipinas: This Rising Filipino Trend Showcases PH Culture, History, and its Pipol

Following the Asoka trend, a new wave of trend has emerged on the Internet. This encompasses various versions, with many showcasing intricate makeup looks. Yet, what truly captivates audiences are renditions that beautifully portray Philippine culture, history, and the diverse tapestry of its people.

Many people have also enthusiastically participated in this trend after getting hyped about the previous trend. Furthermore, in its initial version, Filipinos enthusiastically promoted it to encourage artistic showcasing of the country since Asoka represented the Indians.

After appreciating other country’s culture, it’s time for ours to shine.

This trend has ignited a profound sense of love and pride for the country among individuals. Moreover, the trend also used the song ‘Piliin Mo Ang Pilipinas’ by Angeline Quinto. Going back, the same song was used to promote the country’s tourism back in 2011.

And it’s recently resurfacing, with some individuals remastering the song, adding a unique twist to fit the trend. This not only enhances the Filipino vibe but also adds more depth to each rendition.

Furthermore, influencers like Jomar Lovena (@jomarlovenaa) and Daniel Laudit (@danlaudit) creatively combined history and cinematography in their versions.


PILIPINAS PINOY PRIDE 🇵🇭 Hindi talaga ako marunong mag Makeup yan lang po kaya ko

♬ Piliin mo ang pilipinas – Draculord

In Lovena‘s version, there was considerable excitement as it depicted various Filipinos who have played significant roles in defending our country like Lapulapu, Dr. Jose Rizal, and Andres Bonifacio. Moreover, Laudit‘s entry highlights individuals from both the present and the past such as the OFWs and jeepney drivers which are common in the country. These elements make both versions relatable.

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Meanwhile, Lenie Aycardo (@lenie_aycardo), Forda Ferson (@crishannaustria), and Riva Quenery (@rivaquenery) have beautifully showcased the richness of our culture.


Ipapamalas ang yaman, kasiglaan, at iba’t ibang kultura at tradisyon ng Pilipinas, mula sa kagandahan ng Maranao bilang isang prinsesa ng Singkil, sa buhay ng mga katutubong Filipino sa kanayunan, sa tribu ng Kalinga sa Cordillera, at sa elegansya ni Maria Clara. Tuklasin ang mga pagdiriwang at ang kayamanan ng kultura ng bawat probinsya sa Pilipinas. 🇵🇭 PILIIN MO ANG PILIPINAS! Ib: @Angge G. / Pilipiin mo ang pilipinas music @Jomar Lovena

♬ Piliin mo ang pilipinas – Draculord

Their versions emphasize culture and aesthetics. Furthermore, Aycardo‘s entry features her in outfits that reflect cultural aesthetics, such as the Singkil Queen costume, and concludes with her in-gown dancing with people across the street. Similarly, Austria and Quenery‘s entries exude the same vibe, elegance, and pride— making their versions hype-worthy!

When it comes to hype, I’m pleased that this trend received so much attention, evolving into a platform where Filipinos can showcase their artistic talents. Beyond that, it serves as a testament to the depth of our culture and history, instilling a profound sense of pride in our heritage.

It’s a reminder of our rich history and all that we’ve achieved. Additionally, let’s express our love by fostering compassion towards one another. Being proud of our nationality isn’t just about displaying our accomplishments but also about how we treat each other and the country!
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