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Almost married to my phone

Almost married to my phone

Let me make a guess. When you wake up, the first thing you do is check your phone. You grab your phone immediately before anything else. And it is now your daily routine.

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Every single day, hour, every minute, you constantly check your phone. The little device is the first thing that comes to your mind when you get bored. It is what motivates you to get through your day and helps you pass the time. Without it, you feel isolated. It accompanies you everywhere you go, and you can’t just seem to relax in its absence.

Have you ever realized that you are almost married to your phone?

Phone Dilemma

Phone Addiction

Phones are essential. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone. Especially now that everything we do is done digitally. It is ideal for security, accessibility, networking, and entertainment. Also, it provided room for business, education, news, entertainment, and many other pursuits. It does, indeed, make our lives easier and more convenient.

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But at what cost? They are only a blessing if we use them appropriately. When we utilize them for an extended period of time without restrictions, they become detrimental to us.

And you are most likely among those who are addicted to their phones. But don’t fret, you’re not alone.

Statistics indicate that 6.3% of the 3.8 billion smartphone users worldwide suffer from phone addiction.

Perfect Companion

Gwen, 15, shares her insights regarding her frequent usage of phones.

“I don’t really like going outside. I prefer staying at home all day playing with my phone. I can still communicate with my friends and classmates online, so it is fine with me to stay at home all-day. I don’t even feel alone. “

But apparently, she is also worried about her daily activities. She claimed that she couldn’t function properly without it. Adding that she experienced uneasiness every time she was away from her phone. She can’t go on a day without it. It seems that she had developed a dependence on her phone. It was the only thing that kept her company. Whenever she is bored and alone, all she does is use the phone all day. It helped her cope with the isolation she was feeling.

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“I can watch Tiktok videos all day, scrolling Facebook and Instagram, playing video games, etc.  Apparently, my phone gives me peace. It is through the screen that I see hope and validation. But I know that it is not healthy, too.”

Sometimes, being glued to our phones all day makes us feel like we live in a fictional society. We might think that it is the only way to escape harsh reality. Everything you see on social media seems perfect. But it is all made up. Not everything you see on your screen is real. We are just given the representation that there is a perfect life. We enjoyed seeing great things inside that tiny device that obstructs our reality. As a result, we forgot to live in the moment.

As Catriona would say, everything is good but in moderation.

Undoubtedly, phones are necessary. Although it is convenient, humans are innately cruel to the things that bring us pleasure. Perhaps too much is bad for our health. It will lead to massive destruction and inconvenience. We should learn how to limit ourselves to certain things that give us convenience.

So be careful. Check yourself and don’t get married to your phone.

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