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Tips for buying a phone at the mall

Tips for buying a phone at the mall

Despite being able to purchase everything online, many of us still prefer buying a phone at the mall. Probably because spending money on a phone is no joke. With smartphones, it’s hard to leave it to chance if they will arrive on our doorstep without defects. So, typically most of us head to the mall to buy one that is brand new, with no damages out of the box. And, there is that added assurance when you see something in person right before you purchase it.

So, if you’re planning to buy your next smartphone, you can’t just wander around at the mall hoping to find the right one. These are some of the things that you can do to make sure that you go home without regrets!

Do your research

Before buying a phone at the mall, it is important to do your research first.
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Yup, that’s right. Picking the right phone starts before you even go to the mall. Before you go out to buy your next phone at the mall, do some research. There are a ton of reviews that you can read or watch about a certain phone brand or a smartphone model. If you are undecided, then there are even smartphone rankings that you can watch. These rankings are where smartphone reviewers rank the best smartphones within a given price range.

How does this help? Well, it is easy to end up going for a smartphone just by pure sales talk. This is why research is important. It gives you the information you need about smartphones and helps you narrow down your choices. Speaking of choices, you have to know what your choices are depending on the budget that you have so you can avoid people at the mall who try to sell you “alternatives” to the phone of your choice. Because in reality, these phones that they recommend on the spot to get you to purchase from them might not be worth it or as good as your first choice.

Know what you want before going out to buy a phone at the mall

Know what you want before heading out to look for your next smartphone to buy at the mall.
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As we said, it is easy to be swayed by sales talk. So, after doing your research, surely you came up with a few candidates for a smartphone that you will be buying at the mall, right?

Before going out to buy your phone at the mall, make sure you have decided on what you want. Do you want a phone for gaming? Maybe you want a phone that is good for photography? Oh, maybe just a good, well-rounded phone that you can use for work and streaming movies?

Either way, decide on the specs that you want to see on a phone that you’re hoping to buy. Don’t settle for phones with the subpar build quality. Know what you want to buy depending on your research and stick with it.

Have a list of smartphones that you want

When buying a phone at the mall, things don’t always go your way. You might find that the smartphone you are looking for is not available. So, have a list of smartphones that you like.

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Come up with a list of smartphones that you like. Just in case you don't find the phone that you want at the mall.
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Have at least 3 to 4 phones on your list and make sure that these alternatives to the phone you were hoping to buy at the mall are the phones that you like as much as the one you are hoping to get. For sure, there are phones out there that are as good as your first choice. Use those smartphone models as your options just in case you don’t find your first choice at the mall.

So, now that you have these easy tips, even if it’s your first time buying your smartphone, you know what to do. Aside from these tips, always look for the best deals that you can find whether you’re at the mall, or browsing online shops.

Keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with buying a phone from an online store. As long as it’s a trusted seller, then it’s okay. Even I buy my smartphones online. They’re just a tad bit more convenient, and the deals are better. But, if you’re buying a phone at the mall, be ready to go in there with a firm decision on what you want and don’t let other people make your decision for you.

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