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Aly, aka The Blessed Bhie, is Our Favorite Tiktok Bestie

Aly, aka The Blessed Bhie, is Our Favorite Tiktok Bestie

The Blessed Bhie is a TikTok creator who posts tarot readings. Aly has the most gentle aura that will put your mind at ease.

Photo Credits: Instagram

What’s with the Cards?

Photo Credits: Instagram

Yes, some of us believe in what the cards have to say. Furthermore, some of us even believe in what the stars have to say. For us who do, we appreciate creators like The Blessed Bhie that fuel our minds with validating words. Even if some would argue that the belief for such kinds of things is ridiculous, the coincidence –if there is –is too accurate at times to ignore. Even just our wishful thinking that some unseen force influences the coming days or weeks is enough to add drive to an otherwise unmotivated day.

The Blessed Bhie as a Bestie

The Blessed Bhie is not your typical Tiktoker. She’s not dancing around, or flirting with a camera. However, she is dedicated to posting videos of her readings as she draws them from her stack of shuffled cards. She then interprets the cards for what they could mean. The readings can vary from advice to celebratory news, or validating words of wisdom, for instance. The Blessed Bhie will have a reading for you if you happen to come across her Tiktok content by chance. Hence, It could be the algorithm, or it was meant for you. As she always says, “take what resonates, and leave what does not.”

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We do Believe in Magic

And it’s not from the cards only. We can choose whether or not to take the readings of The Blessed Bhie seriously. However, what we are serious about, is her capability to exude warmth through screens with the way she speaks. The Blessed Bhie’s Magic is her role as a virtual bestie that we all needed to have. In tough times like these, where the world feels a little too unremarkable. Her content is all we need to find magic in situations that seem lifeless. Furthermore, as we see her on our screens drawing her cards, we find solace in her quaint little messages brought upon by the universe.

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