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Alaminos Mayor Arth Bryan Celeste proves to be the kind of leader we all need

Alaminos Mayor Arth Bryan Celeste proves to be the kind of leader we all need


It seems that the fresh blood or the new breed of politicians are proving why they have caught the attention of the public eye. We asked most recently, that the other leaders should follow suit and emulate what Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto has been doing. Now the youngest mayor in the country, Mayor Arth Bryan Celeste aged 23 of Alaminos City, Pangasinan has heeded our call and proved that he’s also a breath of fresh air.


We’re not alone in our admiration with the young mayor as GMA’s young actress Pauline Mendoza is quite smitten. She’s rumored to have a relationship with him and we’re going gaga over it.

The community quarantine imposed by the national government has caused a lot of people to be worried about how they can survive this month-long isolation. The main concern is how can they eat, many of our countrymen are dependent on their daily wages. This young mayor is quick to respond and has handed out relief goods to 25,000 families in his hometown.

What has he done so far?

What’s amazing is that instead of the regular canned goods and noodles, he bought 30 kilos of vegetables and 10 tons of fruits from their own farmers. He gave it away as relief goods and helped to pack and distribute it. According to his Facebook post, “Marami pong vegetable growers ang naapektuhan ng COVID-19 quarantine. Hindi po nila maibenta ang kanilang mga produkto kaya bilang tugon, binili po ng ating lokal na pamahalaan para hindi po ito masira at ito’y mapakinabangan. Kasama po ito sa mga ipamimigay natin na pagkain sa ating mga kababayan.”

This only shows that he’s thinking out of the box and he cares for the community he lives in. In spite of the quarantine, he’s helping the farmer folks the chance to thrive by supporting their livelihood. This act of compassion needs to be commended.

This is such a momentous event in our political landscape. It’s too early to tell, but we’re seeing effective and competent new leaders. The new crop of the young breed is changing our perception of our leaders. It’s also giving us hope for what the future awaits us. As they say, true leadership is shown in times of crisis.

Let’s hope that this zeal to help will not wane as they hold on to their vested powers. We’ve demanded change for a long time, are we seeing it unfold before us? As for now, it’s best to appreciate and acknowledge these admirable acts.

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