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ICYMI: Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto launches Mobile Palengke

ICYMI: Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto launches Mobile Palengke


As local government units try to find ways to support their constituents, Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto is at the helm of it, proving that he’s on top of his game. This has gained him a lot of accolades online and harsh criticisms as well. After all, you can’t please everyone. This doesn’t stop him from thinking out of the box and doing what he always does best.

Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto addresses residents of Pasig city on October 8, 2019. Photo by Lisa Marie David/Rappler

After he bought aerial drones to disinfect the entire city and partnering with a private company for two COMET electric vehicles that can transport health workers all around the city, he has now launched Mobile Palengke. Several pictures of Pasig residents have been all over the news most recently for not following social distancing and crowding the market. Now he came up with a brilliant way to mitigate the situation. He surely doesn’t leave any stones unturned and assures the Pasigueno’s that he keeps tabs on everything.

What is Mobile Palengke?

Photo from Vico Sotto FB

They used cargo trucks as roving stores to roam around the city to sell market goods. This initiative is an effort to keep his constituents at home and abide by the national government’s advice on social distancing. “Upang mabawasan ang dami ng tao sa Pasig Mega Market at mga talipala, inilunsad namin ang MOBILE PALENGKE. Presyongpalengke, mas malapit samamimili, at tulong na rin samgamaninindang Pasigueño (galingsa Mega Market and bigas, Karen, gulay), Vico said on his Facebook account. This is one of his drastic actions to combat this looming crisis, to keep the people stay at home.

What’s in it for us?

Fulfilling the enhanced quarantine requirement by the national government is a serious matter that everyone should adhere to. These drastic changes and innovative actions show that he is taking social distancing seriously enough. This means that he doesn’t want us to pay the price. Doing so is the only way that we can have the situation under control, we don’t want to be the next epicenter of coronavirus after all and suffer the full brunt of this pandemic.

The mayor has surely stepped up his game and is fulfilling his mandate of taking care of his people. This is such a global crisis and is showing everyone how leadership should be done. Amid this crisis, he is surely revealing his true color and character, and that is to be admired. Way to go Vico, we will keep an eye on you and keep cheering you on!


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