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How Well These Disney Princesses Would Do This Quarantine Period

How Well These Disney Princesses Would Do This Quarantine Period

We, Filipinos, are no strangers to disasters. In times of crisis, we have shown the value of teamwork, selflessness, empathy, and sharing — however, this coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has been testing us to the extreme. With most Filipinos left with no choice but to stay home and our frontline workers risking their lives in fighting against this global health crisis, it is with no doubt one of the hardest moments of our lives. Question: In the past days of enhanced quarantine period, how well do you do? Well, it seems that in an alternate universe, our well-loved Disney Princesses are either struggling or ‘undisturbed’ in this time of need.

A Facebook user, Zoe Tanangonan, rated our favorite characters from famous fairy tales on how well they do if they were in this community quarantine period caused by COVID-19 pandemic. The said post has already garnered 35K shares and more than 17K likes.

Who’s the Quarantine Queen? Disney Princesses Rated

Elsa (8/10)

  • She is Queen of Isolation
  • She can make her own Ice Palace
  • No furniture but giant chandelier

Anna (9/10)

  • Anna stayed in for 16 years
  • She can also entertain herself, although she always wanted to see the outside world.

Moana (-12/10)

  • Moana got the lowest rating among the girls.
  • She is an Island Girl but she always wanted to see the world outside her home, resulting her to disobey her parents.

Jasmine (-3/10)

  • Jasmine didn’t practice social distancing in market, you know it.
  • She rides on a flying carpet with a stranger (not DOH-approved)
  • She lives in a huge palace but still escaped to ‘socialize’

Snow White (5/10)

  • Snow White knows how to do household chores (we stan a responsible queen)
  • However, she lets complete strangers in her house and eats food offered by people around her.

Rapunzel (15/10)

  • Rapunzel got the highest score among the girls.
  • She was literally isolated for 18 years!
  • She is a #QuarantinePro

Ariel (2/10)

  • Ariel is a hard-headed girl
  • She couldn’t resist going to the surface again and again
  • But, her character development will impress you as she made a wall around her castle to protect her child

Aurora (12/10)

  • Aurora explores her castle instead of going out
  • #SleepIsLife

Merida (3/10)

  • Merida can’t cook so she will die of hunger, I guess.
  • But, she a good sister. She took care of her brothers.

Pocahontas (0/10)


  • Pocahontas disobeys commands (#dontstan)
  • She always wanders in the forest
  • She literally went to other country without disease considerations (#NotCute)

Mulan (-7/10)


  • Mulan is a #PartyCrasher
  • She lies about her travel history
  • She still wanders around instead of going home
  • A Koko Pimentel fan

Belle (9/10)


  • Belle voluntarily isolated herself
  • However, we don’t buy her line: “There must be more than this provincial life”

Tiana (15/10)


  • #Respect

Cinderella (6/10)


  • Cinderella is our #ResponsibleAte
  • But in terms of curfew, she has her own rules (#BidaBida)


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