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7 Ways To Style Low-Rise Jeans

7 Ways To Style Low-Rise Jeans

As the Y2k style continues to dominate the fashion trend, it is apparent that the low-rise jeans from the early 2000s are coming back. Especially now that a lot of people hop on the trend swiftly when it comes to style and clothing. Wearing low-rise jeans means freeing your stomach and belly button, and it might not be for everyone but if you’re confident enough and don’t care about others’ opinions then go and slay it, girl! Now we’re here to give you ideas on how to style low-rise jeans.

7 Ways To Style Low-Rise Jeans

The Basic

The reason why basic clothes are essential in your wardrobe is that they can coordinate with different clothes. This outfit of miss Maris Racal wearing a basic white crop top pairing it with low-rise jeans is the perfect example. A basic and simple outfit yet it looks put together. She accessorize it with black sunglasses and a black shoulder bag, and she wore black heels to complete the look. The low-rise jeans look so perfect for her!

Adding Pop of Color

Sometimes a pop of color can change the whole look because it adds fun to your outfit. Some may choose a neutral and plain color and get away with colorful clothes and that’s okay. But a pop of color can’t hurt. Just like this cute outfit of a content creator, Jamina Cruz. The orange top complimented her low-rise jeans. With some accessories like, gold necklaces and earrings, plus her gold belt around her stomach adds magic to her whole look!

2000’s style

Remember this kind of top back in the 2000s? The backless ones that are very much trendy back then? Well, you can pair it with low-waist jeans! Just like how content creator, Bianca Gan wore it. A very simple and chic outfit that you should try! She styled it with a necklace, a black shoulder bag, and black converse shoes. She also put her hair up with a hair clamp.

Summer look

Of course, low-rise jeans are perfect for summer! Get that belly button exposed for the summer breeze! Jamina Cruz wore her low-rise jeans with a cute neon green crop top. What a perfect combo for summer. She also has her clear sunglasses and sandals to finish the look.

Street style with 2000’s vibe

Now, if you’re into street style then you might want to cop this outfit of a content creator, Toni Sia. This outfit of her outfit is a combination of street style and the 2000s. A low waist pants that are baggy and cargo type is giving a street style vibe plus her Nike Dunk Low shoes, while her top is a backless type and her shoulder bag is giving 2000’s vibe.

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Long sleeve superior

If you think that a sleeveless top is the only top that can go along well with low-rise jeans, then you’re wrong. Yes, it’s cute with crop tops and sleeve-less tops but long sleeves are cute as well. Just like this outfit Bianca Gan, she’s wearing a colorful long-sleeve top with her low-waist jeans, black boots, and a shoulder bag. Very simple and cute right?

Denim on denim

You can never go wrong with denim on denim. It’s always serving! And Jamina Cruz has always been serving with her gorgeous ootds. This cool outfit of hers is another receipt. The denim on denim is everything! The white and denim top looks so good, plus her low-waist jeans have pretty details on both sides. She goes along well with the color coordination, and her heeled sandals and Kili Kili bag is in white. So nice!

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