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Style Inspo: Angelique Manto’s White Fashionable Outfits

Style Inspo: Angelique Manto’s White Fashionable Outfits

Who says white is boring? Well if you think that it is, then you’re absolutely wrong. A content creator and influencer, Angelique Manto can prove you wrong! Her white fashionable outfits will make your eyes sparkle. Because her style is outstanding! A bunch of white ootds from her can be your Inspo. So get some notes and ideas on how to slay in white!

From Angelique Manto’s Instagram, we listed some of her white fashionable outfits as your ootd inspo. Scroll away and see how she rocks white outfits!

Angelique Manto’s White Fashionable Outfit

Outfit #1

Everything about this outfit screams essential clothing pieces! The white crop top shirt, off-white trousers, white hat, and even the white slippers are a total must-have! Badly want to steal this look! An absolute ootd inspo!

Outfit #2

Angelique Manto looks so perfect in this white knitted set! The photo is majestic as well! The white sheets, white curtains, her white knitted set, and her body screams perfection!

Outfit #3

A blazer and a trouser on the beach? Yes, please! Who would have thought that a white cropped blazer and white trousers pants can be worn on a beach? More so be a beach outfit? Angelique Manto made it look normal and effortlessly! She just accessorizes it with a white choker necklace and voila! She slayed her 26th birthday.

Outfit #4

Looking formal but still stunning in white. She’s wearing a white blazer and a white dress that is a total stunner! A Bottega heels and a black bag, she’s off to go.

Outfit #5

Angelique Manto looks cozy in her white set cardigan and pants, a white square neck bralette that is super cropped, white shoes, and a shoulder bag. One thing is for sure, this fit is so comfy!

Outfit #6

Another blazer/suit and trouser outfit from Angelique Manto. She’s wearing a light grey bralette, a white crisp suit, white trousers, grey and white sneakers, and a silver bag. Badly want this outfit! Angelique Manto in a white blazer/suit and trousers is everything!

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Outfit #7

Simple days require a simple outfit. Just like this ootd of Angelique Manto in her simple days. Wearing a white t-shirt, off-white pants, white New Balance shoes, a cream baguette bag, a white mask, and a gold necklace, she makes a simple outfit very classy and elegant! What a clean fit!

Outfit #8

Now, let’s take a moment to absorb this photo of her. She looks dazzling in white. So gorgeous! And the white sheer dress is everything! She looks like a dream. Angelique Manto is indeed perfect in white. So clean, so stunning and so elegant.

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