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Style Inspo: Chelsea Valencia’s Green OOTDs

Style Inspo: Chelsea Valencia’s Green OOTDs

Some may prefer black and white clothes over colored clothes. It’s the safest and most versatile color ever, plus it’s essential. Well sometimes exploring and trying different colors can change your perception of clothing. So gather your confidence and try some pop of color in your outfits. Why not let’s start with the color green? Here we have content creator Chelsea Valencia’s Green OOTDs that may help you pick out an outfit!

Chelsea Valencia’s Green OOTD’s

Outfit #1

A good button-down long sleeves polo can always spice up your outfit. It can be the top as is and can be covered up. For this outfit of Chelsea Valencia, she wore her green button-down long sleeves polo as her cover-up, and underneath she’s wearing a white bralette. She pairs it with green pants and white sneakers. Green and white combo! So nice!

Outfit #2

Alright, but this color combo? Chef’s kiss! Chelsea Valencia be running up that road with a perfect color combo ootd! A brown baseball cap, bralette, and button-down long sleeves polo, plus the green biker shorts and bag, and her cream chunky sandals are everything! Steal this ootd!

Outfit #3

Seeking sunshine while looking pretty in her cream backless top, green pants, white sneakers and cow print bag. Chelsea Valencia really know how to slay green color.

Outfit #4

Another green and white combo from her! This outfit screams perfection! Just look how good this fit is. Semi-formal, casual, and very chic. Wearing a white tube top with a white cropped blazer, green trousers, white rubber shoes, and a white bag, Chelsea Valencia nailed this whole look!

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Outfit #5

Going to a more light and pastel color, Chelsea Valencia looks fresh with her pretty outfit. She’s wearing a cream corset top that is so gorgeous, a pastel green button-down polo, white pants, a tote bag, and rubber shoes. So cute and pretty!

Outfit #6

Earth tones and green and brown color combo are superior! Chelsea Valencia did it again. Wearing a green baseball cap, green bralette, brown pants, tote bag, and sandals, she looks so fine! This kind of fit is her style.

Outfit #7

This outfit of hers is all about prints and texture. The color and design coordination of this ootd of her are impressive. The green leather jacket caught my eye! Under it is a cream tube top, and her pants design is perfect! She completes the whole look with green sunglasses, a cream bag, and platform sandals. Everything is gorgeous!

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