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OOTD Inspo: Alliana Dolina Chic Outfits

OOTD Inspo: Alliana Dolina Chic Outfits

Dressing up is so easy, but keeping up with the trend can be tough. That’s why it’s important to have a staple, a basic and essential outfit or clothing. But also stylish and comfy at the same time, of course. A chic outfit is the perfect one. Not only should it be uncomplicated, but it should also be super easy to style and so simple yet stylish. A Youtuber and influencer, Alliana Dolina’s Chic OOTDs will surely give you ideas!

We listed some of her chic OOTDs from her Instagram for you to copy!

Alliana Dolina Chic Outfits

Outfit #1

Looking cool and chic at the same time, Alliana Dolina wore a black Adidas zip-up top, track pants, Air Jordan sneakers, a baguette bag, and black sunglasses. The overall outfit looks so chill!

Outfit #2

Alliana is right in her caption, you really can never go wrong with white to look fresh. So if you want to look fresh and more blooming, then white is the one to go! In a crisp white cropped button-down long-sleeve, black shorts, black Hermes sandals, a cute white little bag, and sunglasses, Alliana look so fresh and radiant!

Outfit #3

A staple outfit look. A good black tube top and a pair of white pants are essential in a wardrobe. You can easily style it together just like Alliana Dolina does it? She’s wearing a black tube top and white pants and there you go. So simple yet so put together.

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Outfit #4

This outfit is perfect for summer, but you can always wear it every time! Considering the weather here in our country, it’s understandable to wear something like this every day. Wearing a brown tube crop top, white shorts, white slippers, and sunglasses Alliana Dolina looks so pretty!

Outfit #5

Another tube top outfit from her. This time she paired it with khaki pants. And accessorized it minimally, with gold bracelets, a little baguette bag, sunglasses, and air Jordan sneakers. Such a go-to outfit!

Outfit #6

A staple that everyone needs, is a black blazer. Having it can make your life easy. Because you can style it in different ways. Just like how Alliana Dolina does, she wore it just like a dress, with a belt that cinched her waist, black cycling shorts, white rubber shoes, and white socks. Look so formal yet so chic!

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