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6 Lee Hyeri Dramas You Should Absolutely Check Out

6 Lee Hyeri Dramas You Should Absolutely Check Out

Beauty, Talent, Aegyo—Lee Hyeri has it all! From being the Aegyo Queen and Girl’s Day’s Main Dancer to being the Queen of Tears, her dramas are an absolute must-watch!

Running out of Korean Dramas to watch? You should try adding these Lee Hyeri dramas to your list then!

Of course, we have all known her as Girl’s Day’s Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocals, and Aegyo Queen since 2010, but Hyeri proved she’s more than that! It was the year 2012 when she debuted as an actress on Tasty Life, an SBS drama, where she played the youngest daughter of a family.

Two years later, she was cast in two dramas in a single year, which was Schoolgirl Detectives and Hyde, Jekyll, Me. Just three years into her acting career, she was already cast in a lead role in the 2015 drama, Reply 1988. On top of that, she has already starred alongside big stars such as Hyun Bin, Ji Sung, Jo Jung Suk, and more!

Photo taken from Lee Hyeri’s official Instagram account, @hyeri_0609

If that doesn’t prove that Lee Hyeri is the next big thing on Korean television, I don’t know what else will! So sit back, relax, prepare your popcorn or chips, and marathon these Lee Hyeri Korean Dramas asap!

WARNING: Mild spoilers ahead!

1. When Flower Blooms, I Think Of The Moon (or Moonshine), 2021

Photos taken from Lee Hyeri’s official Instagram account, @hyeri_0609

Hyeri’s first-ever Saeguk drama! If you love historical dramas, then Moonshine is your thing! During the strictest alcohol restriction of Joseon era, Kang Ro Seo, played by Hyeri, tries her best to secretly brew and sell alcohol to pay off her debt. She’s the breadwinner and does all types of jobs to earn money. When she meets Nam Young (Yoo Seung Ho), whose job is to track down every person who secretly brews and sells alcohol, their chaotic love-and-hate story began.

If you are into history and love some chaos during the strictest periods, this drama is perfect for you! It’s a story of love, and friendship, and how it will help you push through the difficulties of the system and laws. On top of that, the chemistry between the main actors and lead actors is something that should be in History books (pun intended)! A historical drama that tackles laws, love, and friendship? Sign me up!

2. Miss Lee, 2019

Photo taken from Asianwiki

Miss Lee is not your typical rom-com drama, in fact, there’s almost no romantic bit at all! The story revolves around Lee Sun Shim, played by Hyeri, who is a regular employee of Cheongil Electronics. Doing only small tasks in the company, she’s usually ignored and addressed by her surname. Despite that, she remained bright, naive, and positive at work. After one drunken night, she suddenly became the CEO of the company. With zero experience at being CEO at all, Sun Shim blindingly ventured into managing their almost-bankrupt company with the help of everyone at Cheongil Electronics.

This drama is perfect for adults who understand how difficult it is to face the everyday hardships of working and other struggles you have to deal with. It will teach you how to be strong despite all the difficulties life throws. Indeed, what’s an office drama without a few lessons about life, right?

3. Two Cops, 2017

Photo taken from dramapanda

Looking for a drama filled with romance, action, and comedy? Then Two Cops is definitely the one for you! Hyeri played the role of Song Ji An, a feisty reporter who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Unfortunately, her life ran across with the policeman in search of justice (Jo Jung Suk’s role), whose body happens to be possessed by the ghost of a swindler (Kim Seon Ho). While they work together to solve cases and mysteries, the three get entangled in a complicated love triangle.

This drama is definitely perfect for Korean Drama fans who love solving mysteries and cases but also love romance and comedy. The chemistry of the actors is also remarkable. Well, how can we say no to a romantic-comedy drama, right?

4. My Roommate Is A Gumiho, 2021

Photo taken from kdramastars

Are you into romance but love fantasy as well? Then My Roommate Is A Gumiho should be next on your list! The chaos started when Lee Dam, Hyeri’s character, swallowed the marble of the 999-year-old Gumiho played by Jang Ki Yong. Since the marble is an important factor in Gumiho’s transformation into a human, he asked Lee Dam to live with him to protect the marble. Living under the same roof, they need to venture and adjust to the chaotic personalities and harsh conditions of each other.

If you’re looking for something light, then this is the perfect Lee Hyeri Korean Drama for you! It’s simply filled with good vibes, visually-pleasing aesthetics, and romance! A little warning for a major second lead syndrome, though. And oh! Beware of jump scares! It’s really not a fantasy drama without a little bit of the shock factor, eh?

5. Entertainer, 2016

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Calling all KDrama fans who love music, Entertainer is for you! The story revolves around Entertainer, a band formed by Shin Suk Ho (Ji Sung). The band is quite a special one, with one member being an ex-convict, one a mama’s boy, another a single dad, and one with a severe inferiority complex. Despite everything, Jeong Geu Rin, Lee Hyeri’s character, works hard as their manager. She does everything for the band, especially for the vocalist Jo Ha Neul (CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk), who is her adoptive brother. Entangled in major issues and with everyone trying to pull them down, everyone at Mango Entertainment persevered their way to the top!

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In my opinion, Entertainer is a very underrated drama. With the amazing acting and chemistry from the cast, God-tier and unique storyline, and glorious OSTs, it’s a surprise that not many Korean Drama fans know this drama! This drama shows that the backstage is not that pretty of a place to be.

6. Reply 1988, 2015

Photo taken from kdramapharma

And of course, no “Top KDrama List” is not complete without Reply 1988! Set in the 1980s, this drama showed the blissful years of youth. As an addition to your list of the things that keep you up at night, the drama also shows the characters’ present selves. Hence, one question bothered the audiences’ minds every episode: WHO DID SUNG DUK SEON (Lee Hyeri) MARRY? The love triangle and second lead syndrome in this drama is no joke! However, it’s not just the romantic side of this drama that made it one of the most sought-after dramas. It made us reminisce on our youth, friends, family, and first loves and heartbreaks.

If you love dramas that focus on family and friendships, Reply 1988 is definitely for you! More than the romantic aspect of the drama, it also shows different aspects of life—adulting, dreams, relationships, age, and more. This will make you feel as if you are looking back at your youth along with the characters. After all, who does not like a little throwback to their 20s, right?

Still need convincing?

All of Lee Hyeri’s dramas are worth watching! Special mention as well to the dramas where she was cast but not as lead: Tasty Life, Schoolgirl Detectives, and Hyde, Jekyll, Me. These dramas deserve their own spots on your to-watch list as well! Indeed, if the drama has Lee Hyeri on it, then it’s an amazing one!

Which of these Lee Hyeri Korean Dramas are you planning to watch next? If you have already finished everything on this list, you might want to wait until her next drama, ‘May I Help You?’, alongside actor Lee Jun Young, which will air on October 19!

Well, whichever Lee Hyeri Korean Drama you pick, it will definitely go under your favorite KDrama listand no, that’s definitely not an option!

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