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F2F Classes Outfit Ideas from K-Pop Airport Fashion

F2F Classes Outfit Ideas from K-Pop Airport Fashion

One of the few occasions that K-Pop stars can typically be seen doing their personal style is at airports. We can’t help but be impressed by their “on point” airport fashion — thanks to the fashionable photos taken by photographers. Hence, if you’re a student who’s out of inspiration for casual school outfits, you should definitely check out K-Pop airport fashion.

There is without a doubt a need for dozens of style ideas for female university students given that face-to-face classes have already begun. With that, we’ve gathered seven school outfit ideas inspired by K-pop airport fashion. Let’s get started!

F2F Classes Outfit Ideas from K-Pop Airport Fashion

Aim for a clean look with an all-white outfit inspired by aespa member Winter. Do it by pairing a crop top with wide-leg pants.

Photo | Dispatch

Do you have a fancy pink top? Then emulate this look by (G)-IDLE Minnie! Wear your pink top with black baggy pants and a pair of chunky shoes.

Photo | BNT

Try this school-friendly outfit that won’t let you feel icky during the hot weather. Red Velvet Seulgi sports a cropped polo with mid-length denim shorts. She rounded up the look with rubber shoes.

Photo | Pinterest

Every BLACKPINK airport fashion is definitely worth the try! Lisa is wearing a Ramones band t-shirt with jeans. This outfit is for you if you want to feel *cool* while flexing your favorite band.

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Photo | Pinterest

Girls who don’t want to overdo their outfits should try this minimalist look by Red Velvet JOY. A white tee and black pants combo finalized with a cardigan tied diagonally on the body. Must-try!

Photo | OSEN

Yujin of IVE is clad in a white top and bottom for her airport fashion. She leveled up her style by putting on a blue long sleeves polo.

Photo | Pinterest

Flaunt your curves like TWICE Momo by wearing a slim-fit top and skinny pants.

Photo | Pinterest

Which style are you most excited to try? Let us know!

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