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Why you should watch ‘Reply 1988’

Why you should watch ‘Reply 1988’

Of all the installments of the Reply series, Reply 1988 will forever hold a place in my heart. This masterpiece is one of the works of the Writer-Director duo Lee Woo-Jung and Shin won-ho. This series is one of the highest-rated Korean dramas to ever come out, and rightly so.

It was aired in the year 2015, making it a 7-year-old K-drama. But still, it is worthy of binge-watching! If you have not yet watched this masterpiece, then here are some reasons why you should!

A trip down memory lane

Based on its title, Reply 1988 is a drama depicting the late 80s and early 90s. It gives us an overview of how the world was back then, at least in South Korea. It also portrays how the said country hosted the 1988 Olympics.

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But the main highlight of this series that is evident all throughout the episodes would be the vintage aesthetics. Arcades, cassette tape players, and betamax were their main sources of entertainment back then. One cast also portrays the role of a Go player. Go is a traditional board game in that country.

The lack of technology also plays an important role in the storyline’s plot. It also reflects how people of those generations spend their days without heavily relying on technologies.

It also depicts the struggle and comfort of families of different economic statuses, and how they interact with one another. This drama truly embodies the retro vibes that were once real.

The plot itself

This series is a well-written drama that focuses on five childhood friends. The bubbly Deok Sun, the grumpy Jung Hwan, the good-kid Sun Woo, the funny Dong Ryeong, and reserved Choi Taek.

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But apart from their own lives, it also reflects how they are in their own respective families. From childhood and up until they become an adult, this drama portrayed perfectly how one would be in a family.

Economically speaking, this drama has a perfect portrayal of one’s struggles in work, finances, and education among others. With these factors, the series made it easily relatable for anyone who experiences the same. Most especially to those who just live a simple life like the characters.

This drama has no villain or antagonist. It does not need one, though. Even without it, Reply 1988 became a global hit with its relatable content.

Upbringing by the parents

One thing is for sure, Reply 1988 did not fail on representing the hardships and struggles of being a parent during those times. It portrayed well how mothers and fathers of that time act and be their guides for their kids. Through ups and downs, the parents were portrayed as how they should be – strong and willful parents at that. Through ups and downs, they never ceased to make any moment at ease.

The drama depicts perfectly how a parent is vital in one’s child’s upbringing, and it shows!

The children’s coming of age stories

The depiction of a childhood friendship is on point. Much to everyone’s liking, it perfectly narrated how one would go all means to achieve his/her dreams. Tho this drama seems to hurt us more, it has a knack for making us shed tears, indeed!

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The struggles in academics, the hardships in growing up, and everything in between are narrated perfectly for everyone to relate. This is the heart of the drama, indeed. It revolves around how these five childhood friends surpassed their own struggles and as a group. And how they ended up growing up.

True enough, this drama reinforces the strong value of friendship, and it shows all throughout the series.

Reminiscing the Youth

As the drama progresses, you would have this feeling of longingness. If you are now in your twenties or are now away from your childhood memories. This drama is for you. With the portrayal of the beautiful younger lives of the characters, for sure you would look back on yours. It perfectly entails the sense of longingness and us having wanted to relive our teenage lives.

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If only it is possible to do. Indeed, it is a nostalgic show that will surely bring back the nostalgia we had in our younger years.

This family drama is more than a drama, indeed. It is a representation of how our younger years went by. Having a simple yet relatable foundation is what makes it more appealing, at least for me.

So if you want to relive the joys and heartbreaks of your past, then you better start watching Reply 1988 as it is surely a rollercoaster ride you can enjoy!

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