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5 Zero Waste Gifts for a Merry Christmas

5 Zero Waste Gifts for a Merry Christmas

Most people today equate Christmas with excess and an abundance of items. We buy gifts for our loved ones, as well as for ourselves that sometimes, we don’t really need. Perhaps you are sick of the wasteful plastic packaging and high delivery fees for this holiday. You should consider giving zero waste gifts. If you don’t know what gift ideas to give, I’m here to present you with five zero waste gifts for a merry Christmas.

5 Zero Waste Gifts for a Merry Christmas

Tote Bag

You can never go wrong with tote bags because they are cheap, practical, and a zero waste gift. On top of that, when the right bag gets chosen, you can mix and match it with whatever outfit you prefer. Not to mention, tote bags enter the fashion scene which makes them “trendy” nowadays.

Reusable Water Bottle

One of the worst single-use products that clog up our rivers includes plastic bottles. At present, you can see a lot of reusable water bottles of high quality with attractive designs. This zero waste gift will not only make the planet happy and hydrated, but it also makes our Christmas merry.

Wooden Toys for Children

Children outgrew their plastic toys, which end up being in a landfill. So, why not think about purchasing wooden toys for younger children? It won’t contribute to plastic trash and is more durable and sustainable.

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Bathroom Kit

Create a bathroom kit containing a wooden toothbrush, a wooden hairbrush, reusable cotton pads, and biodegradable dental floss. You can also add a zero waste paste and a sponge if you feel like giving a little more. Creating this kind of kit supports small businesses which can help small business owners.

Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts make a fantastic choice if you have artistic or DIY talent. Making a nice sustainable gift for a loved one doesn’t need pulling out your entire toolkit. All ages and genders can benefit from receiving handmade gifts as long as the intention is pure. You can either knit a scarf, purchase beads and make them as jewelry, or a painted photo book.

Remember, You don’t need to stress yourself about what to give as a present. Christmas provides that special opportunity to be a blessing through giving.

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