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Perfect Christmas gifts to get for all titas-at-heart AKA the ‘mom friend’


Perfect Christmas gifts to get for all titas-at-heart AKA the ‘mom friend’

Mom friend. Every friend group has them!

Can you think of that one friend you use as an excuse so your parents would let you go anywhere?

That one friend you always run to for advice (even though you don’t really listen at times hehe)?

Or that one friend that stays sober during inumans? Yep, that’s them! And If you’re thinking, “Meh, ours doesn’t have one,” then you’re probably the ‘mom friend’!

These friends, although have the tendency to be old school titas, they are probably one of the reasons we survived (are surviving!) our teens and early 20s. Heaven-sent, indeed!

If we’d be honest, these people are the ones we are missing a lot now that we’re still in an online set-up. I know, it’s kind of a bummer that we’re not seeing them as often.

But with Christmas just around the corner, we have the perfect way to show them our appreciation. Of course, nothing beats the excitement of unwrapping gifts!

Because ‘mom friends’ would always hold a special place in our hearts for getting us through life’s hardships, we’ve rounded up five gift ideas for our beloved titas-at-heart!

Tote bag

Perfect Christmas gifts to get for all titas-at-heart
You can never go wrong with a cute tote!

Every mom friend you know probably is the first one you approach when you need something. Tissue? No worries, we got plenty. Extra pen? Hold up, let me get you one. Coins? A candy? Not even a question.

Point is, our titas-at-heart often carries a lot with them so it’s only logical to gift them with a spacious bag that could keep up. And tote bags seem perfect! Like our mom friends, they’re low-maintenance yet stylish, and definitely practical!

Scented Candles

Perfect Christmas gifts to get for all titas-at-heart
Breathe in a bit of calm with scented candles.

Life as a mom friend can sometimes be stressful. You look after your friends a lot. And to be honest, you often spew out love advices as if your friends take them to heart (they don’t). They deserve some good relaxation, don’t you agree?

Aside from the lovely ambiance lighting a candle produces, depending on the aroma, candles can help you relax and feel calm, ease your mind, and even increase focus and productivity! It’d all a tita-at-heart needs, so go grab ’em a scented candle now.


Perfect Christmas gifts to get for all titas-at-heart
Write your heart out as you organize your life.

With the number of people depending on them, a mom friend’s calendar can get a little bit of jampacked.

Bring a bit of peace and organization in these titas‘ lives and help them manage their time using a journal or planner. This is a sure fire way that even with a lot of friends to look after, their personal lives will still be controllable. After all, a tita needs to have a bit of time for themselves, as well!

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Never a wrong idea to give your skin some lovin’!

Because our mom friends have taken care of our friend groups for so long, it’s time we remind them to prioritize taking care of themselves now. And what better way to start than to revitalize their skin!

Go grab some Korean face masks, maybe some moisturizer and some sunscreen, or if you’re feeling generous, you can even ask their favorite skincare brands at the moment and give them a gift card for it.

Every little thought of looking after who’ve looked after you and your friends would be surely be appreciated. After all, it doesn’t really take a lot to make a mom friend happy (just lots of love)!


Relaxing, and definitely, a tita’s must-have!

Last but definitely not the least, if there’s anything a tita-at-heart is obsessed with, it would be ointments!

It’s a bit funny considering they’re not even that old yet, but hey, even us youngsters ask them for these minty relief when needed. I remember seeing a complete ointment kit of a certain brand, and boy, did I feel happy about it! Maybe the titas-at-heart of your life would feel the same too!

Cliché as it sounds, really, it’s the thought that counts. I am sure all mom friends our there would appreciate if you spend a bit of time and effort to make their Christmas extra special. So take this holiday to express how grateful you are for the mom friend in your life. Merry Christmas!

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