Fun Games You Should Try On your Christmas Party

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, life will get a bit busier. For sure, there will be gatherings from left and right that you have to attend or even facilitate yourself. May it be with family, friends, and officemates, Christmas parties are always exciting! On this occasion, each of us has different things that we look forward to. Some are excited about the food while others want to skip right away to gift giving. Of course, there are also those whose favorite part is the games!

We all know that when the game is really fun, people get really hyped up at a party. Even those who are not playing tend to be loud out of excitement while cheering for who they’d like to win. Somehow, these games dictate the mood of our celebration so it should be enjoyable for everyone. For your convenience, we’ve listed down game suggestions that will surely make your Christmas party extra fun!

Kiss Mo, Premyo Mo

Photo from: Chad Kinis

This game was seen on comedian Chad Kinis YouTube channel. The players who come in pairs will only have to catch the paper bill using their lips. If they missed catching the money, the two players may accidentally kiss. It might seem simple but actually very tricky because of this silly consequence. For sure, it will fill the room with laughter!

Don’t Land On The Wrong Box

Photo from: Jarvis and Jojo Sim

This game is inspired by the fifth challenge on the Korean hit series Squid Game, where they have to reach the end without stepping on tempered glass. Obviously, this one wouldn’t cost anyone’s life! The participants will only need to avoid the hollow box based on their intuition until they finish. Trust your gut to get that prize!

Strings of Luck

Photo from: Denso tambyahero

If you want a game where everyone will win, this one’s for you. In Strings of Luck, the player will pick the string that they wanted to pull which has a cup attached on the end. Inside, there will be a number that has an equivalent amount indicated on the paper plates. Of course, any amount will do as it is the thrill that brings joy at the moment.

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Ball of Fortune

Photo from: Papa Obet

Another easy but exciting game is Ball of Fortune. The premise of this one is very simple as the player will only need to roll the ball in the table in hope that it will land on the cup with the corresponding prize. Playing this requires no effort but winning is not easy so best of luck!

Planning for events like Christmas parties puts many of us in a good mood. No matter how complicated our lives have been in the past months, it’s nice that there’s still something that we look forward to before the year ends. May all of us find joy this coming Holiday and through these games, we’ll get to practice sharing and giving — the true essence of this celebration.

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