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5 Useful Tips for New Glasses Wearers From an Old-Timer

5 Useful Tips for New Glasses Wearers From an Old-Timer

Glasses simply serve as an accessory to some people, but many use them as a necessity. Store-hopping, searching for nice frames, and checking out cute colors that’ll suit your face may seem fun and all, but actually owning one and wearing them comes with a catch! Having glasses right on your face all of a sudden for most of the time can be pretty bothering. They are fragile and sensitive which means that they need extensive care.

If you’re planning to start wearing glasses, here are 5 useful tips from an old-timer

1. The wavy vision is normal!

I’ve seen many new glasses wearers panic over having wavy vision and a dizzy feeling during the first few days. Understandable, but don’t worry! If you have tested them on while you were still getting prescribed and they were fine, you will be. Your eyes are still trying to get used to being corrected. It takes time and you should give them that! Try wearing them for a few hours a day during the first week to help reduce discomfort.

2. Clean your glasses with dish soap

I never knew this until probably a year ago, and I’ve been wearing glasses for 16 years. Cleaning your glasses with the usual microfiber cloth or the wipes included in the package is great, but certainly not enough. Oil and dirt residue can remain sitting there without a proper deep cleaning. Doing it with dish soap might sound unusual, but if you think about it, it’s glass! A similar material used for drinking glasses we literally wash with dish soap. It will instantly get rid of unwanted dirt on your glasses that you can’t remove with just wiping. Try them on after and believe me, they’ll look brand new! Just make sure you do it light-handed, you don’t want to damage them.

3. Store them properly

This can take a LOT of energy to do. I mean, why bother if you’re wearing them most of the day? Well, that’s because you can end up damaging them. I personally don’t remember the number of times I’ve broken my glasses because I accidentally sat on or stepped on them. Okay, don’t judge me. I once put it in my pocket and then it fell, that’s how it happened. I guess my point is that I could’ve prevented those accidents from happening if I’d just stored them like how they’re supposed to be. Besides, you can easily lose sight of it if you just put it anywhere. Glasses aren’t cheap. Consider it a lesson!

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4. Don’t put your glasses over your head

Unless you want your glasses to bend and fit loosely on you, I wouldn’t recommend it. Not only that it stretches them out of shape, but doing so will ruin them over time as the naturally occurring oils in your hair build up on them. I understand it can be fun wearing them like a headband, especially when it’s hot outside and you want your hair out of the way. But really, you’ll regret it.

5. Have them re-adjusted

When you start wearing your glasses for a long time, the little screws become loose over time due to constant opening and closing. You’d notice it when it starts slipping off your face. You can always visit a local eyewear shop to get them re-adjusted. Better if it’s from the store you bought it from.

Wearing glasses can be a pain but is a lot better than suffering from impaired vision. If you take it slowly and take care of them right, you’d soon get used to it like it’s a part of you!

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