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Adulting 101: Important Valid IDs

Adulting 101: Important Valid IDs

Adulting peeks right through the window. IDs are important as graduation grows an inch closer every single day. Looking for jobs that credit the degree while acknowledging the factors involving this big step that can dictate the rest of our lives.

Of course, these past few months are pressure-filled but, there is also an element of excitement lingering, wanting to see the end of it. However, as we move forward towards adulthood, expecting hardships and struggles of the world is a must, so we can carry on each day.

On the other hand, these are some of the documents and requirements needed for first-time job-seekers.

1. Diploma/ Transcript of Records

These are documents issued by the University or College you graduated in. This serves as proof and confirmation of the details recorded on your Curriculum Vitae (CV). A key aspect of adulting.

Where to: The last school you attended.

2. PSA Birth Certificate

This document is important in acquiring requirements from multiple government institutions. This serves as proof of birth and also, an ID.

Where to: SM Malls, PSA Centers, PSA Online.

Cost: 155 Php.


3. NBI Clearance

This document serves as a certification that you are clear of criminal charges. For first-time applicants, two valid IDs are required. Certified adulting need.

Where to: NBI Clearance Website, NBI Walk-In Outlets (Mostly located in SM Malls).

Cost: 155 Php.

4. SSS Number

Social Security Number is required for first-time job-seekers since it is a form of insurance paid from your monthly salary. This also provides benefits and pensions after retirement.

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Where to: SSS Website (Then, submit to the nearest SSS outlet).

5. ID: Tax Identification Number (TIN)

This requirement provides settlement from tax issues, as soon as you earn your first salary. This requires a BIR Form 1901 and 1902 online.

Where to: Revenue District Office, BIR Forms.

In the Philippines, documents are slowly processed and hard to acquire. So, making an effort to acquire these requirements can help save up the time spent after graduation. Upon acquiring these requirements and documents, you are all set for your first job application. Best regards to your first step into the real world.

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