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What are the best eyeglasses for your face shape?

What are the best eyeglasses for your face shape?

Have you ever looked online for the best haircut that would suit your face shape? It’s the same thing as finding the perfect eyeglasses fit for your face structure. It’s confusing for some people to choose what eyeglasses design and shapes they should go for since it could be a fashion statement or they will use it for a long time. 

What are the best eyeglasses for your face shape?

If you’re the type of person who’s more extra careful and conscious to choose from categories, consider taking notes starting from here. 

Knowing your measurements

Before knowing the most suitable shape for you, look in the mirror and weigh the length of your facial features. Consider the distances mentally or you can get a measuring tape if you want, this is not specifically based on science and you’re judgment will decide. Determine the lengths and widths of your forehead, cheekbone, chin, jawline, and face as a whole. Remember, to have too long or too short face points is not bad!

Your face shape and what looks best on you


If your measurements have the same length and width, you probably have a square face. You have a more pronounced jawline and the angles or corners of your face are noticeable, and with minimal curves. Check the round, curved, or oval eyeglasses for a softer and thinner effect. Choose the thin and neutral-colored frames that won’t overwhelm your look. 


You have a round face if the distances between your facial features are almost equal and you have soft or smooth angles. To achieve a look with a longer and thinner face, you should get the frames with bold or angular lines. Another thing to consider is to get the dark-colored ones in larger sizes. Avoid the round or curvy frames. 


If you’re confused about whether you have a round or square face, you might fall under the oval shape, it’s a combination of the two. If you feel like you have a long and narrow or thin face, consider getting a medium or larger frame to balance the length of your face. Since the oval face is a versatile shape, you can experiment with more shapes and try other colors as well. 

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You have a narrow to almost round chin, a wider forehead, and more pronounced cheekbones. Make sure to get frames with the opposite features, check if stores have a round bottom with pointy top frames. You can also choose a frame with a defined brow line or cat-eyed ones for a bolder look. 


You have a face that resembles a heart if you have high cheekbones and a tapered jawline down to your chin. Choose from frames that are wider than your forehead; a cat-eye and rectangular frame suit your face, it will highlight your cheekbones while appearing with a balanced look.


If you have a narrow forehead, angular jawline, and pointed cheekbones, you have a diamond face shape. It is the same as the oval face but with fewer curves and more angular lines. To appear with softer angles, you should play experiment with oval or round glasses with highlights on the browline or cat-eye. Stay with a neutral color to avoid an overwhelming look. 

So, if you’re planning on getting eyeglasses, make sure to match it with your face shape!

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