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4 Stimulating Mobile Games to Help Exercise Your Brain

4 Stimulating Mobile Games to Help Exercise Your Brain

Playing mobile or computer games is fun as it allows players to engage in activities beyond the grasp of reality. It enables players to discover new worlds, begin new adventures, execute strategic skills, play roles, and many more.

Sometimes it serves as an escape from the harsh truths of the real world. Or, most times, it’s just a fun way to keep ourselves entertained. No matter the reason, there’s always such a great appeal to the gaming world. And from what I can see, I think gaming – for a good reason – is here to stay.

Although there is a whole slew of addictive mobile games out there in the market, perhaps you’re looking for interesting games that challenge your cognitive function. Maybe you’re looking for free ways to keep your mind active to maintain mental well-being. If so, then you came to the right place!

Listed below are four engaging brain games that can help put your cognitive abilities to the test:

Trivia 360: Quiz Game

Are you the type of person who considers yourself a certified trivia buff? Then, put your trivia mastery to the test with the Trivia 360: Quiz Game. It is a free-to-use mobile quiz game app that challenges your cognitive function with sets of general knowledge questions. These questions vary from trivia questions, classic four-answer questions, true or false questions, flags trivia, landmark puzzles, and more.

Magoosh Vocabulary Builder

Looking for an app that can help increase your vocabulary skills? In that case, Magoosh’s Vocabulary Builder app is most likely what you’re looking for. The app is a straightforward mobile vocabulary game that tests its users’ capabilities via sets of vocabulary questions aimed at different levels. Therefore, you could choose your word list according to your chosen level.


Searching for a brain app that offers a wide variety of mini-games to play? Then Lumosity is definitely a must-try app for you. Lumosity is among the most popular brain apps that there is in the market. It is an app that trains your cognitive skills in memory, concentration, problem-solving, and many more. What’s more, is that it requires first-time users to take an initial test upon signing up. This allows the app to evaluate your skills to tailor their games according to your skill set.

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Peak – Brain Training

Bring your cognitive skills to a whole new level by training hard but fun with Peak’s brain-stimulating games and workouts. Peak is yet another brain-stimulating app available for free in the app market. It offers a vast number of interactive games designed to test your memory, problem-solving skills, mental agility, etc. Even more, like Lumosity, Peak also provides game activities specifically designed to suit your needs.

All of the abovementioned games are available for free on Google Play and the App Store. They are all easy to download, beginner-friendly, and highly addictive brain games that not only entertain you but help you keep your mind sharp as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Try checking out these free brain-stimulating games to test and sharpen your cognitive skills while playing today!

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