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Xiaomi 11T After a Year: Still a Bang for Your Buck?

Xiaomi 11T After a Year: Still a Bang for Your Buck?

Xiaomi has been known to deliver quality smartphones packed with stellar specs and features at an affordable price. The brand has been consistently known as one of the hottest smartphone brands in the game right now.

But what made Xiaomi stand out is their amazing collection of flagship and mid-range smartphones. Last year, the brand released one of the most impressive smartphones in the market, the Xiaomi 11T series.

The Xiaomi 11T was a huge success. But after almost a year from its release, let’s take a look if it’s still actually worth the hype this 2022.

Xiaomi 11t is one of those products that you just can’t put in a box. It basically has all the things that you’re looking for in a smartphone. The 11t has a great display with its 6.67 inches AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. It also has a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels. The display of the 11T is actually pretty much the same as the newly-launched Xiaomi 12T, so it’s still pretty standard with this year’s specifications.

The main highlight of the 11T is its high-end MediaTek MT6893 Dimensity 1200 processor. It provides upper midrange performance as well as 5g connectivity. The MediaTek Dimensity 1200 is a 5G chip that offers eight cores and up to 3GHz clock speeds.

The dimensity 1200 chipset stands strong against phones running Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 series chips but is a bit sub-par compared to the 800 series, that you get with the 11t pro version and the Xiaomi 12T.

There is still something to keep an eye out for

But while using it, the Xiaomi 11T feels nippy without any signs of lag. Though there are still some issues here associated with the MIUI skin that runs on top of Android, we should expect the MIUI 12.5 update to be an improvement. It will allow you to uninstall and disable those Mi apps that you don’t even want to use.

It also offers a three-camera array on the rear, including a 108MP main lens, 8 MP for ultrawide shots, and a 5 MP telephoto macro lens. The 16MP front-facing camera is centered on the Xiaomi 11T and sits as a rather large punch hole in the display.

The images look nice enough as it has pretty good image processing. The 108MP main camera uses a 9-in-1 pixel arrangement which causes the image to look better, with less haloing and compression visible.

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Although, the 8K video option on the Xiaomi 11T is not available. But it will still shoot in 4K at 30fps or 1080P at 60fps. Plus, the slow-motion option can give you up to 960fps in 720P.

Good battery capacity

Another nice specification in the Xiaomi 11T is its battery. This is a 5000mAh unit. It saw a bit of an upgrade compared to other Xiaomi smartphones that only have 4600mAh battery, so this one definitely lasts longer. It also has a 65W charger that comes in its box. You don’t have to worry about charging this phone. In just a few minutes, it will be fully juiced up, thanks to its fast charging.

All-in-all, the Xiaomi 11t is still a pretty solid phone this 2022. Despite the launching of the Xiaomi 12t series, you can still never go wrong with the 11t. I must say, it is still worth the hype. The good thing is, it is actually much cheaper right now compared to its price when it was first released. If you’re eyeing the 11t for a while, now might be the best time to get it.

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