Video games I Never Get To Finish

Starting a new video game is easy. However, finishing them can be quite challenging. Well, at least for me, finishing a game requires my full attention and commitment. Mostly, I play for the story, I’m not fond of first-person shooters (FPS) like Call of Duty because I can’t aim. I quit playing multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) because I can’t help being a toxic player. I don’t want to engage in trash-talking and rage when we lose. Unfinished video games are common for me. Some of them I didn’t finish as I’m just trying them out. Some of them, on the other hand, have become too sentimental to me.  

Video games I never got to finish and why:

Detroit Become Human

Human-like androids have replaced humans to do their jobs leaving them with no work. They never disobey, never feel exhausted, and always remain efficient. Until something changed. They start to behave differently. They start to make decisions as if they are feeling emotions.

Detroit Become Human is a game where the story ends will be based on the choices you make in the game. We tell our own stories and face the consequences of our choices. When I first played this game I was really amazed by the graphics and unique storytelling.

I’m used to games with fixed storylines and endings that’s why I got hooked. Until I have to make big choices in the video game. It was so hard because I know I always make bad choices. I didn’t play the game ever since I accidentally killed my character. It has been two years now. However, I’m planning to get back into it.

Final Fantasy XV

Prince Noctis along with his closest friends and retainers is on their way to meet the Prince’s betrothed. When suddenly, they receive the news that their homeland has fallen into the hands of the enemy empire. Unsure of his destiny, Prince Noctis only knew one thing – take back his home and claim what is rightfully his.

I love this game so much, I have been in this fandom for more than 3 years before I could move on. Funny thing is, I never get to finish this video game. The reason being is someone spoiled me with the ending and not just that, I don’t like how it ends. It really is not a happy ending that the characters deserve yet it’s what needs to be done. Maybe someday I’ll try playing it again.

Life is Strange

Max Caulfield, a photography senior discovers she has the power to rewind time while saving her best friend Chloe Price. This turn of events leads them to the mysterious disappearance of another student. While trying to uncover the truth Max learns that changing the past may destroy the future.

Life is Strange is another game that requires the players to choose an action that will dictate the future and the ending of the video game. It’s a great game that will bring out the emotions of the players.

The reason I didn’t finish the game is that it was depressing and I can’t handle it at that time. The plot is really heavy. This is not the kind of game to play for fun. It will hurt.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky follows the story of Estelle and Joshua Bright, as they train to become bracers in the Liberl Kingdom. Bracers are basically adventurers that do odd jobs for people.

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Spurred by the disappearance of their father. They travel through the five regions of their kingdom, uncovering the mysteries and impending crisis that is about to befall them.

This is one of the best games I have played during childhood. Role-playing games have really held my heart ever since. I don’t actually remember the story now however, I know why didn’t get to finish this game.

At the time time, I was playing this on my uncle’s PSP. I don’t understand the skills of the characters and I had a hard time defeating strong enemies. I keep on losing during the battle against the final boss until I realized I built my character wrong. At that point, I just gave up and watch my uncle finish his own game with his save data.

Sometimes, it’s okay to leave it unfinished.

I think as long as I have the means, I can still play them. I don’t have the time, yes, however, I still have the games and the consoles. Even Trails in the Sky is still in my PSP. Nevertheless, whether I get to finish them or not I think it’s fine.

Some are better left unfinished. Some deserve to be played again. For me, I think I will finish FFXV and Trails in the Sky, I really love those two. Even though both of their endings are bittersweet and hard to accept.

Finish what you must and move on!

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