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ZTE Axon 40 Ultra: Ultra Overload

ZTE Axon 40 Ultra: Ultra Overload

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra probably is the phone that first comes to your mind upon hearing the word ‘ULTRA’. Understandable! But this upcoming device would give you a dilemma on which ultra phone you should get. It has already made its global presence, racking a spectacular and colossal amount of expectations from the global market.

And without further ado, here are some things on what to expect from the new ZTE Axon 40 Ultra.

Flagship Features, Ultra Price

This phone deserves to be compared and be put side by side with the rest of the flagship phones. Why? Because it is a flagship phone as well! The pricing for this latest flagship starts at 799 US Dollars.

Photo from ZTE Website

At that price alone, you would get the latest processor, the Qualcomm SM8450 Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor along with a 12GB of RAM. Such a powerful smartphone, indeed!

Tho to lower the price, unlike Samsung or Apple’s flagship devices, this phone has no wireless charging capability and is not water resistant.

Unboxing Experience: What is inside the box?

Unlike the move of the Samsung and Apple that do not include the charger in the box, this phone sways away from that! Upon opening the box, you do get everything you need!

Included in the box are the USB Type-C Cable partnered with a super-fast 65W charger, wired earphones, and the USB Type-C to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter. This also comes with a clear jelly case to protect your phone.

And of course, the phone itself runs on MyOS 12 skin over Android 12.

Design Language

ZTE Axon 40 Ultra has a matte-textured finish rear. And it also houses a triple-camera setup. And at the bottom of the phone, it rocks a dual-sim card tray, USB Type-C port, and the first speaker. While on the top rests the second speaker (yes, this ultra-phone has a stereo speaker setup). And on the right side is where the power button and volume rocker are at.

Photo from ZTE Website

The phone is available in three color options – Black, Gold, and Silver to choose from.

Ultra Display

Deeming this phone as having a real ultra display is justifiable? Why so? Because there is no notch or a punch-hole camera that covers a part of the display screen. True enough, this is a phone with an all-screen display and slim bezels! As ultra as it may get, the screen also refreshes at 120 Hertz and has a built-in in-display fingerprint sensor.

Photo from ZTE Website

The screen has a size of 6.8 inches AMOLED Display and has a Full HDR10+ resolution. The display is crisp and clear, and it also gets very bright! with its 1500 nits capability, the phone’s screen is very easy to see even in broad daylight.

But if there is no notch or punch-hole to house the camera, where is it then? It is hiding beneath the display, itself!

Under-the-Display Camera

Photo from ZTE Website

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra which has a punch-hole cutout, this phone has none. Thus, its 16 MP front-facing camera is actually hidden under the display. We can not see it, but it does not mean it is not there! This feature is about it, the camera, despite being under the display, still can capture standard shots.

Photo from ZTE Website

The reason for attaining the nearly invisible under-the-display camera is because it is already the third generation of this innovation.

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Triple-Camera Array at the Back

Photo from ZTE Website

The Triple 64MP Camera array is good for static shots, be it in the wide-angle lens or the ultrawide one. And these lenses have an Optical Image Stabilization, resulting in good quality videos.

Battery Life and Charging Speed

ZTE Axon 40 Ultra packs a solid 5000 mAh for its battery. And accompanied by a super-fast charger in the box, it can easily charge the phone from 0 to 80% in just 30 minutes. Ultra awesome, right?

Photo from ZTE Website

With regular use, this phone could last you a day. Or you can have it for two days, the second day having a little juice of what was left during the first day. With its latest processor, the phone is sure to last long and perform well under any circumstances.

RAM and ROM Options

This phone does not support a Micro-SD Card slot. But do you really need one when this device has a lot of storage options to choose from?

It is available in three RAM options. First the 8GB RAM and 128 or 256GB of storage. Second, the 12GB RAM with 256 or 512GB of storage. And lastly, the 16GB RAM automatically comes with 1TB of storage.

That is indeed a lot of options to choose from! And a lot of space to take up!

Truly, this phone is a banger! It can be on par with the latest flagship devices of the other brands, and still be in the lower price range! Is this phone ultra enough for you?

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