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Are we getting an iPhone with USB-C?

Are we getting an iPhone with USB-C?

Will a USB-C port make it to the iPhone?

After a decade of using the lighting port, will Apple finally introduce USB-C on their iPhone models? Well, rumors say that they will! According to, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman from Bloomberg said that Apple is testing a version of the iPhone with a USB-C port instead of a lighting port. So, when might we get a USB-C iPhone?

Will Apple finally replace the Lightning port with a USB-C port?
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We might see a USB-C port on iPhones in 2023. That is if Apple decides to get rid of the lighting port. This is because the European Union is currently in the works on legislation that might force Apple’s hand. The legislation states that all electronics manufacturers who are currently selling devices in Europe like-new phones, cameras, speakers, tablets, etc. should feature a USB-C port. This includes Apple. The only exemption to this is devices that are too small to feature a USB-C port.

So, if this legislation is passed, Apple will have to comply and use a USB-C port on their iPhones. They could do it for the iPhones that are only selling in Europe, or they could simply use the said charging port worldwide. This means we will see iPhones with USB-C ports all across the globe. So far, the European Parliament has voted in favor of the legislation.

So, why USB-C?

The goal of the legislation is to eliminate electronic waste. EU has been pushing for a single charging method ever since, and this does just that. A move that requires the use of only a USB-C port eliminates the need for obsolete cables that could amount to electronic waste and eventually harm the environment.

Plus, a USB-C port on an iPhone is not all bad. We have seen other Apple products make the switch from a lightning port to USB-C. This includes the Mac and iPad models. Switching the iPhones to USB-C further unifies the product lineups and will enable a user to stick to just one type of cable. It also increases the compatibility of the iPhone with other external displays and accessories.

A USB-C port brings faster charging speed and faster data transfer capabilities.
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Other benefits that a USB-C can bring to Apple’s iPhones are faster-charging speeds and faster data transfer. The limitation brought upon by the lightning port limits data transfer from the iPhone to only 480 Mbps. But, with a USB-C port on the iPhone, we could see data transfer speeds as fast as 5Gbps. That is ten times faster. As for the faster-charging speed, we currently see the type c to lightning cable charge as fast as 20 Watts. In comparison, a USB-C to USB-C cable can charge up to 65 Watts or more. Imagine the rate of fast-charging capabilities Apple could introduce to the iPhone with a USB-C port!

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Excited? Maybe this is a good reason to hold off on that upgrade!

We all know how tempting it is to upgrade to the newest iPhone. After all, you hate to miss out! But, upgrading your iPhone every time a new lineup is released is not wise (unless you’re super-rich). So, if you have an iPhone 11 or above, then maybe you can wait to see what 2023 brings for the iPhone? Rumors and analysts say that the USB-C port might make an appearance on the iPhone 15 models in 2023. And, with the benefits a USB-C port can bring to an iPhone, surely that is what you would not want to miss out on.

The switch to a USB-C port from a Lightning port is a welcome change. If you were to ask me, I think nobody benefits from the lightning port and the lightning cable apart from Apple. Retaining the Lightning port is a way for them to milk out money from consumers and make more profit. A USB-C port on the other hand, screams modern. People could benefit from having this on the future iPhone models, plus it brings more features and upgrades to the iPhone that we need in this day and age. So, maybe apart from compliance, Apple should make the change for the sake of the consumers and catch up to the competition with a USB-C port.

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