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Why it’s hard to talk about ourselves

Why it’s hard to talk about ourselves

There are many instances in life where we have to talk about who we are. We introduce ourselves to our new classmates, workmates, neighbors, and pretty much everyone we might talk to for a long while. It’s easy if you’re a natural conversationalist. You’re practically the life of the party. But even then, we have to admit that there are some parts about ourselves that are hard to talk about. 

Ourselves in the eyes of others

If you meet someone, there are times when you tend to be cautious. There are things you need to filter because you think you’ll make a bad impression. Or it can change how others see you. This is even true for people you already know. We start to think too much about it that we become careful of the things we say.

If you grew up unsure about a lot of things or if you’ve had an unpleasant experience before, it can affect you. You begin to think twice about what you can tell others. You don’t want to ruin a developing friendship. It could even be a 15-year friendship and you’ll find yourself stopping in the middle of a sentence. A bad experience can leave lasting damage. 

A seemingly easy solution is to not talk about yourself. Unfortunately, it’s also really difficult because you’re basically hiding who you are. You are plagued with thoughts about how others may see you as. Ourselves in the eyes of others shouldn’t be a big deal but sometimes, we just can’t help it. 

Hearing too much about ourselves

Do you ever think back on a conversation and realize how much you’ve been talking? Or maybe you’re already with a group and you’re wondering how are you going to sound less arrogant. In truth, it’s not that you are being arrogant. You’re just afraid that is what you’ll come off as. 

Sometimes, when we talk, we feel like we’re hearing about ourselves too much. There’s genuinely nothing wrong with sharing but then again, our thoughts don’t help much. Thinking that you’re making people uncomfortable makes you uncomfortable as well. As mentioned before, a bad experience also contributes to the problem. 

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We hear you

Does it get easier? It can be hard to believe but there are people who are listening to you. They would love to hear you talk about yourself, to share the little and the big things. 

There will always be people who would think differently about you. You would care, you wouldn’t care. What matters is that at the end of the day, you should be in a space where you and those around you are comfortable. 

It may be hard to talk about yourself but know that there are people around you who are always ready to listen.

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