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For you and your friends, that little conversation matters

For you and your friends, that little conversation matters

Growing up means living in a busier world. You tend to go to other places, live far away from your parents, and meet new people. At first, you will have time to time talk to your friends back home through chat or phone calls, asking how are they and sharing what you did today, among other topics you discuss with friends.

However, as days passed, eventually ringing each other’s phones will rarely happen. You’ll get busier and you will meet another set of friends accompanying you to other hangouts. Even if you try to message your old friends, the conversation ends a little faster than you think.


Yet, even short and quick messages matter. Even with your new friends, you all have separate lives. Your schedules will be busier than ever. Small talks, even with just a simpler “How are you today?” are important. It feels like an assurance that whenever you need someone to talk to, you are welcome to ring them up.

Maybe you will feel a little shy when you want to talk to them again after a long time. Maybe you hesitate in messaging them. But, one thing’s for sure, they will reply back and have a conversation with you, just like old times. Even with busy schedules, they will make time for you, because the bond you built with each other is stronger than you could imagine.

Furthermore, not to compare our long home buddies to our new circle of friends, but they understand us more. They know your story more and how to handle you. Based on my experience, my home friends know me more. I get along with my new friends, as well as my old friends. There are just some things that both parties can be better at sometimes.

Some may not experience what I experienced with both sets of friends. However, trying to reach out to them is not that bad. It is definitely not a thing to fear. When start exchanging messages, little by little, you will feel the old magic again, the moment where you can share anything with them without judgement.

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With sharing small or big achievements, you might think it’s not important but, for them, it is. Updating them about how far you went on your journey also adds spark to the conversation. It doesn’t matter how long or how short your conversation is. What matters is the time you give to each other. The connection is still present while you talk.

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So, if you are hesitating to message your old or new friend, this is your sign. Be their new notification and start a little chat with them. Maybe they will not reply back as fast as you think, but I know they will. Whether it will be a short or long talk, don’t worry. It matters for both of you.

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