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How spending time with kids influenced me

How spending time with kids influenced me

Recently, I realized that if we, adults, can teach kids lessons they need to learn, they also have their way of teaching us. Looking after them has tested my character and put me on the quest for living life fully. More importantly, spending time with children has taught me crucial lessons.

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All grown-ups were once kids and so did I. However, I have forgotten what it feels like to be a kid again after being worn down by the daily grind of routines. I don’t miss being a kid, but I miss being fearless, curious, and less anxious. Looking back, it seemed everything was vibrant and joyful. Children sometimes remind me of my childhood experience. Furthermore, my observation and constant interaction with them have encouraged me to see life the way they see it. 

Cultivated Patience

Raising a kid is no doubt a challenge. There were moments when I was asked to take care of my niece and nephews. At times, I found myself on the verge of losing patience. Eventually, I learned to better handle my emotions whenever they were crying, fighting with each other, and being extremely demanding. 

Losing patience is normal but not admirable. So whenever I interact with kids, I try to talk to them as calmly as I can and pay attention to their needs. The kind of patience I gained from taking care of them, allows me to do the same to other people and situations. 

Optimistic Vibe 

Kids are obviously more inclined to smile and laugh. As an adult, I can get easily stressed and anxious worrying about mundane things. Too consumed by unnecessary matters. However, kids act that even if things go awry, they move on with a beam on their faces. In retrospect, they remind me to approach life with innocent optimism. 

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Optimism is innate in kids. They can find joy even in simple things—a simple tickle, or a handful of candies, can make them happy. Besides, their optimism is highly contagious and they teach us to be happy even for no apparent reason.  

Natural Curiosity

Kids are naturally curious, they have this keen desire to explore their environment. For instance, little kids wanted to hold or tug any object near them and they started to feel, touch, and taste it. Every day is a learning experience for them. In addition, curiosity strengthens their observation by imitating others’ words and actions. 

Instant Forgiveness 

One of the things I truly admire about children is their ability to forgive instantly. Although they don’t have a profound understanding of forgiveness, they can’t hold grudges for a long time. They might be sad or mad for a while, but the next moment they forget about it. Unlike adults, forgiveness becomes tough and complicated. Simple issues become larger resulting in conflicts and unhealthy relationships.  

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Children, in their purest form, forgive and forget what others have done to them. A simple hug can mend their sadness and hurt feelings. This is something that motivated me to live a life free of hatred and resentment. 

Genuine Love

Kids are not afraid to express their love to others. As I grow older, I tend to suppress my emotions and thoughts. Showing real emotions become embarrassing and often unexpressed. However, for young children showing their love through words and gestures come out naturally and genuinely. 

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As we interact with kids, we can rediscover the qualities that once we had at some point in our lives. Perhaps, the world would be much better, if we can awaken the child within us and take a fresh perspective on life.

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