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Why realme 7 Pro is best for aspiring content creators

Why realme 7 Pro is best for aspiring content creators


As our technology progresses, social media has created a whole avenue of different careers such as brand ambassadors, influencers, and vloggers. Among these, content creation emerged to be the most flexible and profitable.  We also noticed content creators are popping here and there on Facebook.

realme 7 Pro as your all-round device for content creation

Most content creators make use of high-quality cameras – but the birth of smartphones has made a video making easier and possible. Smartphones also enabled them to extend their content anywhere they can go.

But if you’re starting on your venture as a content creator, you might want to buy an affordable phone that won’t skip on the quality. Luckily, realme 7 Pro has already arrived here in our country.

In a video below, you can see how Jim Reynold Zamora seamlessly creates content on almost anything he does with the help of realme 7 Pro. Aside from its awesome camera set-up, let’s take a quick look at its key features to see how it can easily match your needs!

6.4 inches of AMOLED goodness

With FHD+ display, realme 7 pro can deliver the clarity of details that a beginner in vlogging might want. You’ll be spending a lot of time on Internet research for your content and posting on your social media accounts. With 90.8 percent of the screen-to-body ratio, this screen is immersive and pretty perfect for multimedia! AMOLED simply means punchy and vibrant colors.

realme 7 pro Sample Photo Full Frame
Photo was taken at night
the photo was taken using Ultra Macro


The photo was taken using AI Dazzle Color on

Strong Snapdragon processor

Another great news is that realme equips this new device with an 8nm Snapdragon 720G octa-core processor that is paired with 8GB RAM. If you’re multitasking for your vlogs, there’s no room for lags and overheating. Especially if your genre is mobile gaming and you frequently stream your gameplays. The power-efficient 8nm Snapdragon chipset really fits the bill!

Versatile quad-cameras


Going to the primary need, as a vlogger, it’s necessary for your phone to capture images or videos for your content. For example, your blog/website needs to showcase the beauty of your travel locations or an establishment. Realme 7 Pro packs a 64MP primary camera and a 12MP for that job. Love to be an expert on photography? This one can also perform great macro shots!

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For your video shoots, this smartphone has several modes to choose from! It has a 1080p UIS/UIS Max stabilization that is smoother and more stabilized than the regular.

Monster battery with w/ 65W SuperDart Charge

The last thing you have to consider in a phone as a vlogger or a content creator is the battery. The larger the battery capacity your device has, the more time you can have to finish your tasks. Shoot for hours without interruptions with realme 7 pro’s 4,500mAh!


It can keep up with your busy work schedule in vlogging. If the battery runs low, no need to wait long since it also supports 65W SuperDart Charge! Realme said charging time from 0 to 100% only takes 34 minutes. This makes this device the fastest-charging smartphone in the Philippines.

Apart from the features mentioned above, you cannot discount the fact that this new device is pretty cheap compared to other mobile brands. With a starting price of PHP 14,990, realme 7 Pro is really the best for Filipino content creators!

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