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When Coffee, Art, and History Meet

When Coffee, Art, and History Meet

Coffee into Painting

For coffee lovers, their day is not complete without a sip of coffee, but for some, coffee is not just a beverage, it can also be an art.

Indeed, a cup of coffee is an art, but there are artists who uses coffee for painting. To celebrate the Arts Month, Café Fabrika in Daraga, Albay exhibits painting made from coffee.

Graphics| Ronalyn Cedullo

You can see paintings of people, animals, scenery, and coffee inside the Café. It is astonishing to see that the brown to black color can be an amazing art piece. Also, the passion and the talent of the artist reflected in the painting. This is a place where creativity, productivity, and tranquility can be achieved.

The Art in the Interior

Graphics| Ronalyn Cedullo

When you step inside the Café, a vintage-inspired interior will welcome you. You can see a lot of antique items inside, mixed with artsy designs. Handicraft furniture and the color of the wall makes the vintage theme stand out.

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Aside from the vintage look, a lot of painting and art pieces is displayed, even the ceiling is full of paintings. Old souls will surely be captivated because the place displays a lot of old stuff. You can see a piano, old guitar, typewriter, sewing machine, figurines, old bottles of alcohol, books, jars, and collection of mugs. Also, you can see the different types of phones used before, you can really feel the old vibe. There are also collections of old music disk or so called “placa” and wristwatch.

Graphics| Ronalyn Cedullo

Café Fabrika lets you doodle, paint, and build a 200 to 300 pieces of jigsaw puzzle, this you can do while enjoying a cup of coffee. Café Fabrika was conceptualized in hopes that it could create a space where coffee, art, and history can meet.

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